Pearls as a lifestyle


Pearls are one of the main attributes of the Chanel house. Not surprising, because Koko herself considered him the most correct stone. After her words about the sophistication of pearls and its use in brand advertising, it became incredibly popular.

Combination with clothes. Properly selected jewelry will be ideally combined with any style of clothing. To avoid mistakes, we recommend that you listen to our recommendations.

business style. Beads made of white pearls will ideally complement formal office clothes. They will go well with a black or navy suit and a white dress blouse. Choose necklaces with a short strand and wear them both over the shirt and under the collar. In the second option, you will create an emphasis on the neckline and add intrigue to your image.

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Daily style. Wearing pearls in everyday life is simple and stylish. White beads look interesting with jeans. On top, choose a lace top or a light-colored plain shirt. Complement the image of pumps or ballet flats. You can wear not only one thread, but also wind several rows of light and dark pearls. Do not stop at such a strict choice — combine necklaces with bright blouses and t-shirts. The main thing is the absence of sequins and sparkles. Checkered shirts are also combined with pearls. However, the print of the cage should be smaller than the stones.

Evening style. A classic combination that came into fashion thanks to the unsurpassed Madame Coco — a pearl necklace and a little black dress. There are many options for wearing beads — you can wrap them around your neck several times, tie a non-standard knot or several loops. Combination with velvet or silk clothes will not leave you indifferent.

Youth style. Light dresses and sundresses, skirts and trousers of a simple cut look favorably with pearl jewelry. To verify this, you just need to try on a few options.

Avoid sharp contrasts in colors, as well as overly revealing outfits. Pearls are known for being able to visibly shape your figure.

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