Leather product care: how to keep your favorite things for a long time?

Genuine leather is undeniably a high-quality material, but it is demanding for its care. Nevertheless, there are some very simple and easy rules, thanks to which you can keep your favorite things in excellent condition for a long time. We have created a selection of simple and clear rules for you in this article. We wish your accessories to please you every day for many years!

Thus, leather is not really very demanding to care for, but with proper care, your products will serve you for a long period of time. We would like to advise you 3 selections of handbags made of genuine leather:

Personaroom Brand Leather Bags

  • Genuine leather of the 2nd (middle) layer of cattle skin guarantees high quality of the product
  • Production — Russia
  • Affordable price on the Wildberries market
  • Ideally complement the images, are the basis of the basic wardrobe

The ideal basic and versatile bag in the wardrobe is a classic black bag with minimal decor elements.

In the summer, models of white, beige, pale pink shades are the obvious basis of the basic wardrobe. You need to care for fair skin in the same way as for dark colors, but you should be careful if dirt gets on your product.

Introducing handbags made of genuine leather in light shades for the coming season spring-summer 2022

Leather bags by Migliore Personaroom

  • Genuine leather of the 1st (upper) layer of cattle skin guarantees high quality of the product
  • Production — Italy
  • Models of the latest fashion trends, modern, unique and up-to-date design
  • Perfect for stylish outfits

The price range for Migliore Personaroom brand handbags is slightly higher than for Personaroom brand bags, however, a bag straight from sunny Italy of excellent quality decorates every girl perfectly and is worth the money.

Add our brands to your favorites so as not to miss sales and new collections!

Best regards, Persona Studio store team

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