Is your hair constantly breaking? Can’t grow a long tail?

The secret to healthy hair is gentle care.

You will say: I use expensive professional shampoos, masks, balms and many other products. Isn’t that care?

Have you ever wondered what hair accessories you use? After all, thin elastic bands often wring your hair, tangle it, or even have to tear out the hair with the bulb when you remove the synthetic elastic band from your hair. Silk rubber bands made of natural fabric come to the rescue!

In the production of hair accessories, elastic bands and bows, we use only natural silky fabric. Namely TENSEL — this material is made of 100% eucalyptus fiber, has a silky smooth structure.

When choosing products from DMK accessories, you not only take care of your hair, but also of nature. Such elastic bands do not break the hairs, but rather take care of them professionally. Preventing split ends. Do not electrify hair. Rubber bands firmly hold thin and thick hair in two or three turns.

The set includes various accessories: wide, thin elastic bands, a hairpin bow, a trendy elastic band with a ribbon. A large assortment of 6 in 1 accessories gives you the opportunity for a large number of hairstyles. For tails, braids.

A set of accessories made of natural fabric is a wonderful birthday present for a friend, sister, mother, child. This is a gift for September 1. The trend of 2022 is a large bow on a hairpin and an elastic band with a handkerchief included in the gift set. Everything is packed in an eco-friendly gift box. Accessories made of natural silky fabric are well suited for a holiday, school, office, walk and emphasize your beauty.

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