How to wash white socks: 5 life hacks + 1 super-way!


How to whiten white socks at home? This is a topical issue in all seasons. In this article, we have selected the most popular folk life hacks and show them in action. Go!

Method one: baking soda

It is necessary to soak things in water with the addition of funds for 2-3 hours, and then wash. The method is also suitable for woolen socks.

Additional life hack: When washing in a typewriter, you can add 2–4 tbsp to the rinse department. l. soda: it enhances the whitening effect and the laundry is rinsed better.

Method two: boric acid

Cotton socks will bleach an aqueous solution with boric acid.

For 1 liter of boiling water, dilute 1 tbsp. l. acids. Then leave to soak for about 2 hours and send to the wash.

Third way: aspirin

For whitening, we need 3 liters. water and some aspirin. For convenience, you can crush them into powder. You can add some washing powder.

Leave for several hours or overnight, and then wash it in the same way with the addition of a few tablets to the drum of the washing machine itself.

However, this method cannot be practiced often: it is believed that it is harmful to the machine.

Fourth way: laundry soap

An effective tool that has stood the test of time. Suitable for all materials.

It is enough to wash the products by hand 2-3 times in cool water and rinse.

Fifth: white toothpaste and ammonia

Toothpaste is applied pointwise to dirt and rubbed with a soft brush. After that, the products are soaked in 2-3 liters of water with the addition of 70-80 ml of ammonia. Leave for 2 hours and send to the washing machine.

This method is also suitable for cotton underwear.

Another UNEXPECTED, but effective WAY!

You need a bowl, warm water, detergent and a microwave.

This express method will be appreciated by men and even ladies, when it is not reasonable to start a washing machine because of one pair of products!

Dishwashing liquid or liquid soap is added to a bowl of warm water. Put socks and put in the microwave. Wash for 10 minutes at high power, and then rinse in a basin.

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