Microfiber towels or napkins are a very important attribute in the house. Napkins help to cope with various contaminants, and towels perfectly absorb moisture and are pleasant to the body. Therefore, these are our main helpers in the house!

But in order for microfiber towels and napkins to retain their original state, they can and should be washed. But, of course, this must be approached wisely.

How to wash towels / napkins?

If you use different microfiber towels/cloths for different purposes, it is of course best to wash them separately. But this is not practical and takes a lot of time. In this case, you can pre-soak everything in warm water, and then wash it in a machine with liquid detergents. Microfiber can also be washed by hand.


Never wash microfiber items with fabric ones, otherwise the lint will simply get stuck in the microfiber.

How to dry?

After you have washed the towels / napkins, then take them to air dry or dryer. But make sure that there are no high temperatures. Because the heat causes the polyester to melt and damage the towel and reduce its effectiveness.

A microfiber towel or napkin is the right gift!

Such a gift can be presented to mom, grandmother or girlfriend. This is the perfect helper in the house and everyone will be only too happy to receive such a gift!

What is the advantage of our napkins and towels?

A microfiber cloth will help to cope with stains, grease stains, dust, dirty mirrors and glasses. It attracts all the dirt, water and even the smallest hairs. A microfiber towel perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly!

Therefore, if you have not tried it yet, then order and enjoy high-quality and pleasant to the body microfiber!

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