How to take care of your baby from the first days of life


Bag in the hospital: what should be in it?

The set for mom is quite understandable and logical: several pairs of clothes, hygiene products, etc. But what to take for a newborn baby?

For starters — means for care and hygiene. These are various baby soaps and gels, moist non-flavored wipes, diaper cream. As for the diaper itself, the ideal option, tested by thousands of mothers, is diapers from the Japanese company MOMI, the quality of which is guaranteed.

Next, you need various clothes — caps, socks, overalls, etc. Just take on the buttons so as not to put on the outfit over the baby’s head.

How a mother should take care of her baby in the first month

After discharge, every morning of the child should begin with washing. They do this as follows: a cotton pad is dipped in boiled warm water and they begin to gently, with smooth and gentle movements, wipe the eyes, ears, face and neck. Naturally, cotton pads need to be constantly changed, so 4-8 pieces are consumed per wash.

Babies also need to clean their nose. Due to small and narrow passages, a lot of dust accumulates there, which can lead to diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to drip the child’s nose with sea or boiled water, and then slowly clean the passages with thin and sterile cotton flagella.

Nail care. In the first days, doctors do not recommend cutting them, as the skin is still too vulnerable, so in the maternity hospital, “scratches” are put on babies. But sooner or later everyone will have to do it. On the Internet, it is often advised to buy special scissors for children, but they are too blunt and uncomfortable, as practice has shown. Therefore, it is better to use the usual ones that you are already used to working with. Just be sure to sterilize them with boiling water or alcohol.

Well, here are a few more tips:

Daily bath is required until the umbilical wound is completely healed;

Provide the necessary level of humidity and temperature in the room (moisture — 70-80%, temperature not higher than 24 degrees);

When breastfeeding, carefully monitor your diet, because what you eat, the baby also eats;

It is better to minimize the direct sunlight on the baby;

During winter walks, lubricate your face with protective creams;

Use wet wipes only as a last resort, regular washing is much better;

Change your diaper promptly.

Of course, there are many such tips, but this article lists only the most basic ones so that the young mother is not at a loss and is able to cope with a sudden situation when there are no other women or the Internet nearby.


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