The article will be useful to those who want to get rid of the «orange peel» quickly and pleasantly, without meaningless actions and losses and precious time. It is important to understand that the problem of cellulite is not only in the aesthetics of the body. Its real danger is a complete blockage of skin nutrition, but more about this in the material.

How does cellulite develop?

The crowding of fat cells and their suspicious increase in volume is called cellulite. It has 4 stages of development.

— The first — nothing is visually noticeable, the skin seems smooth, the tone is even, but the problem is already there.

— The second is the “orange peel” visually familiar to us, which is visible when we collect the skin into a fold. Such honeycombs are a dense fatty mass that is formed by collagen due to oxygen deficiency.

— Third — the crust is clearly visible, these areas are a little colder and differ in color. At this stage, there is already a problem with the intake of proteins, carbohydrates, the nutrition of the cell is disturbed.

— The fourth — fibrous cellulitis, is removed only surgically.

The second stage is the very moment when something urgently needs to be done, because it can be easily and quickly corrected, the result can be achieved in 1-2 months.

3 ways to fight cellulite

The most popular and effective methods are massage, scrubs and teas. But there are several pitfalls here.

Massage — with a dry brush or any other kind, a very popular and publicized method, really gives a visible result, but it is longer and physically more difficult than the others.

Teas also work, but they have side effects for the body, as they can disrupt the electrolyte balance, increase fatigue, etc.

A natural body scrub is the safest, fastest and most convenient option. A jar is always available in your bathroom, no effort is required to apply, and the main difficulty is to choose the most effective, pleasant and non-sticky.

Body Scrub BOGILYA LUX (art. 75952378) unlike any other, this is a unique development. With the help of science, we solved 4 practical problems that girls had with different scrubs. Have you experienced that:

  • After the scrub, you have to apply milk or something to additionally moisturize the skin, otherwise it dries and flakes.
  • Coffee, chocolate scrubs leave color on the skin and the towel gets dirty.
  • Salt scrubs cause discomfort to small wounds on the skin, on the hands.
  • High consumption, the scrub ends quickly, it seems that you are using it inefficiently, it is washed off more than it works for you.

Bio scrub anti-cellulite gentle, like cream. After application, you do not need to apply body milk — the skin will already be moisturized due to the cream base and special composition. Body scrub with oils contains 100% natural ingredients, does not contain salt, does not pinch the skin, does not scratch it, does not leave a greasy layer on the skin, does not stain it or the towel.

It is an antioxidant complex, DETOX is a real pleasure for the skin. The effect builds up and opens like a beautiful flower bud. But already from the first applications, you will see how blood circulation improves, the breakdown of fat cells increases, and the “orange peel” gradually begins to disappear.

If there is a scrub with oils on your shelf in the bathroom BOGILYA LUX (art.75952378), so you no longer need to search the Internet for “how to remove cellulite”. You are already enjoying the changes. The skin is smooth, tender and renewed, swelling and stretch marks go away.

2 more important points: texture and design. Due to the creamy texture, the consumption is minimal, the scrub lasts for a long time, it does not fall off in the bathroom. Each milligram works on the skin, for a visible effect one jar is enough. The design is aesthetic and discreet, does not look like a flashy spot in your bathroom.

Try it, this jar will definitely become the most favorite among all on your shelf!

Analysis of the composition of the scrub that works: 10 important components

Where to look on the label or in the technical part of the product card for an anti-cellulite scrub? How to choose a product that will replace dozens of other jars and will work quickly and efficiently? We made an analysis of the composition, which provides just such a result, and at the end — a review of the product with just such components.

What should be included?

Choose a scrub made from natural ingredients, because nature has long developed everything for us. What should be in the composition to get a visible result on the skin in 30-45 days?

SILICON — forms new, strong and structurally correct collagen fibers, thanks to which the skin becomes elastic.

UREA is a hygroscopic component that does not allow moisture to evaporate from the surface of the skin. It also exfoliates dead skin cells, promotes skin regeneration and healing.

MANGO BUTTER — moisturizes not directly, but indirectly, as it creates an invisible barrier that prevents moisture from evaporating.

COCOA BUTTER — softens, moisturizes, makes the skin clean and calm, with an even tone, increases collagen production.

OLIVE OIL — a high content of vitamin E prevents aging, and the substance oleocanthal removes inflammation.

VEGETABLE GLYCERIN — makes the skin soft, removes peeling, heals damage, relieves inflammation and irritation, and its antiseptic properties of the substance help cells resist pathogenic bacteria and microbes.

APRICOT KERNEL — gently but effectively exfoliates, smoothes and refreshes, deeply cleans pores.

RASPBERRY EXTRACT — a powerful antioxidant, ellagic acid and polyphenols do not allow the cell membrane to collapse. This position in the composition directly contributes to the reduction of cellulite.

CURRANT EXTRACT — here is vitamin C, it whitens, rejuvenates and stimulates collagen synthesis.

COWBERRY EXTRACT — contains antioxidants and procyanidins, which rejuvenate, strengthen, stimulate metabolic processes, increase elasticity.

Scrub natural anti-cellulite BOGILYA LUX: review

Usually, girls who regularly use a scrub have at least 4 unpleasant situations. We solved each of them when developing our own, unique body scrub formula.

The first is expense. Thanks to the creamy texture, the BOGILYA LUX scrub does not fall into the bathroom, it is spent a little bit, it lasts for a long time. One jar is enough to see the result.

The second is dirty towels. For example, after coffee scrubs, brown marks often remain on the towel. In the BOGILYA LUX scrub, everything is taken into account so as not to leave marks on the skin.

The third is hydration. Usually, after a scrub, you need to use a moisturizing body milk, otherwise there will be dryness and peeling. The BOGILYA LUX anti-cellulite scrub has a creamy base and many moisturizing ingredients, so no additional moisturizing is required.

Fourth — salt scrubs pinch the skin due to micro-wounds, so it is unpleasant to apply them. BOGILYA LUX body scrub does not contain salt, so there will be no pain. And there are no large particles that scratch the skin.

Everything that is described in the first part of the article is in our scrub. Natural composition, aesthetic, discreet packaging design, quick effect — we are sure that this scrub will become your favorite as soon as you try it. It gently exfoliates, evens out tone, restores skin microcirculation, its nutrition, firmness and elasticity.

More about the product here. Try it to discover scrubs in a completely new way, with a pleasant, comfortable side!

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