How to properly prepare for the swimming season: choosing disinfectants for the pool


Children tease: the heat has come, it’s time to put the pool on the site! But you give up and have no desire. Because you remember very well how you suffered with blooming water last year. They just kind of poured it, everything is fine, and a week later — not a pool, but a foul-smelling swamp. And to drain the water, wash the pool, even if it is not very large, then fill it again — a whole story! Now we will tell you how to avoid an unpleasant quest and calmly, without harm to health, swim and splash in a once-filled water. You ask: is this possible? Definitely yes! And disinfectants for the pool will help with this.

Why does an outdoor pool bloom and turn into a swamp?

The reason is microscopic algae and bacteria. It is because of them that the warm water in the outdoor pool first becomes cloudy, then a slightly distinguishable film appears on its surface — these are algae actively multiplying. And literally the next day, a greenish broth splashes in your yard, in which mosquito and fly larvae are laid. Some believe that you can fill in the purest artesian water and nothing will happen to it. This is not true. Algae enters the pool with sand and earth on the feet, applied with foliage and so on. There is only one sure way to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms — competent disinfection of water.

What to do so that the pool lasts the entire swimming season without changing the water: a step-by-step algorithm

We offer you the simplest, but really effective scheme for disinfecting water in a country pool.

Step one. Fill the pool with water and load it with a prophylactic dose of anti-bloom disinfectant. For example, you can buy a cleaner for swimming pools and artificial reservoirs GOODHIM. It gives total disinfection: the water in the pool will be crystal clear for a long time. The chlorine contained in the product will prevent algae from multiplying. Also, this composition prevents the formation of lime deposits. For 10 cubic meters of water, you need only 50 to 100 milliliters of the product. Alternatively, try GOODHIM Pool Chlorine Tablets as a preventive measure. The effervescent agent dissolves quickly. One tablet is enough to disinfect up to 500 liters of water — very economical! The tool kills algae, fungi, E. coli.

Step two. Now the matter is small — it remains to maintain the water in a crystal clear form during the season. To do this, use the disinfectant, the same GOODHIM that was added at the start of the pool, 2 times a week in preventive doses. Please note that after processing, you need to give the product a couple of hours to work — do not swim at this time. If everything is done correctly, you will get clean, completely safe water for bathing, in which the baby will joyfully frolic all day long!

Step three. If you suddenly missed the cleaning time or, for example, there are very hot days and the water is still cloudy, don’t worry: you don’t have to drain and refill the pool! This is where GOODHIM coagulant comes to the rescue. This is a special substance that binds the suspension and removes the cloudiness and greening of the water — a kind of ambulance for the pool. The product is concentrated, so it usually lasts for several seasons. It is diluted with plain water in a ratio of 1 to 5. Next, you need to pour the resulting solution into a watering can or sprayer, bypass the pool and spray the solution over the entire surface of the water. The filter should not work at this time! Next, you need to wait until the suspension settles to the bottom — usually it takes from 8 to 12 hours. And then just collect the sediment from the bottom with a special water vacuum cleaner. Voila — your pool is clean again and ready to welcome fun swimmers!

How to keep water fresher longer: 3 working life hacks

  • To keep the water in the pool even longer fresh and clear, do not place the pool under the trees: fallen leaves and bird droppings greatly pollute the water.
  • Cover the pool at night to prevent insects from getting into it — this way the water will not bloom longer.
  • Another important point is to put a small container of water in front of the entrance to the pool so that bathers rinse their feet from sand and earth before the “swim”.

In conclusion, I would like to answer a frequently asked question: why, if chlorine works so well in pools, why not use ordinary household whiteness or other chlorine-containing household chemicals? It’s all about the dosage. In specialized products, chlorine is selected exactly in the amount that is safe for health and at the same time does not allow microorganisms to multiply. To achieve the same result with the help of household chemicals is not only difficult, but also fraught with skin irritations, swelling of the mucous membranes.

Do not risk the health of your loved ones, use disinfectants for swimming pools specially created for you!


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