Surely, each of the parents heard about such a term as «adaptation in kindergarten.» Some adults, at the words «kindergarten», begin to get nervous, they imagine with horror how they give their own child to an environment unfamiliar to him, to strangers, to an environment where other children can offend the baby, etc. This is a real stress for both parties, not just for the child. But, for sure, none of the parents will argue that kindergarten is an important stage in the child’s adaptation to a new social environment, learning to interact with peers, accepting norms of behavior in society, etc. That is why the most important task of parents is to make this process as comfortable as possible. What do I need to do?

Firstly, psychologically prepare the child for a new stage in his life: it is extremely important to create a «good and kind» image of a kindergarten, where it is interesting, where there are many friends, new games and skills, where it is always fun. In no case should you tell your child: «If you continue to be capricious, I’ll take you to kindergarten!» Or: «If you don’t obey, I’ll leave you in the kindergarten!» Thus, you form a negative image of a children’s institution in a child, staying in which is akin to punishment for bad behavior. Of course, in the future, apart from the absolute rejection of this place and daily tears, you will not get anything.

The second point: prepare in advance for the baby a «friend» who will accompany him to the kindergarten. It should be a toy that is easy for children’s hands to take with them. and also soft so that you can hug her during the daytime sleep when mom and dad or another loved one are not around. After all, a comfortable healthy sleep is the basis of a child’s psychological well-being. Here it is very important to do this a few months before the child goes to kindergarten, so that the baby gets used to it. Buy him a small soft toy that you plan to bring with you to kindergarten (preferably one that is different from the others), and put into practice the daytime falling asleep with it. So you will provide psychological comfort to the child in a new environment for him. He will understand that he did not come to the kindergarten alone, and, despite the fact that his mother is not around, his «friend» came with him, who will «support» and not let him feel lonely. With a selection of toys that are ideal for kindergarten, you can find the links in our Shup shop.

The third point: for many children, toys are a means of communication, an occasion to get to know each other, to join a new team. It’s always easier to do this when you’re not alone. In addition, a toy is an occasion to start communication. Many children come up, are interested, ask to see. This is how a conversation, a game begins, it is easier for a child to join the team. Of course, the educator plays an important role here, who must stop the negative scenario of the development of events when another child takes away, breaks a toy (it is best, of course, to have a second “in reserve” at home). However, the pros definitely outweigh this con.

There are options (although not so often) when educators forbid taking their toys to the group. In this case, be sure to take the toy with you on the road: let it accompany and meet the child from the kindergarten, and while the baby is in it, leave the toy in the locker. Thus, you will make it clear to the baby that even though he is now alone in the group, someone will surely be waiting for him outside the door who carries the warmth of his home and support. After all, this is so important to him!

All successful adaptation in kindergarten and happy childhood to all children!

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