How to keep youth if your cosmetics is gone from shops?


As you know, now every day circumstances are changing at a rapid pace, and we inevitably have to adapt to them. Some brands leave the market, stores close, and we have to give up our favorite goods and services. This has affected many areas, and what will happen in the market of goods and services further, we do not know.

One of the brightest examples is cosmetics and cosmetology. Our favorite creams, gels, tonics and more may simply disappear from the shelves. And if they do not disappear, then their prices will skyrocket.

And what to do? After all, I want to be beautiful and young.

We have great news for you! Gouache massage for the face will not leave the market and will replace any creams and cosmetic procedures. Chinese massage with a scraper will help you relieve tension and restore freshness and even tone to your face. Today, «Oriental Botox» is gaining more and more popularity among top models, actresses, celebrities.

Massage will help you:

— get rid of post-acne, rosacea, rosacea;

— tighten the skin of the face and décolleté;

— remove swelling;

— restore energy and improve sleep.

You can become even more beautiful with the help of safe Gua Sha techniques and perform a pleasant procedure at home.

What is needed for this? Just 10-30 minutes a day and the desire to make your life better.

How to do Gua Sha massage at home:

  1. Before starting the massage, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of the face and neck in the usual way. Apply a few drops of facial massage oil to the skin or apply it during the massage to each new area.
  2. Start at the base of the neck and work your way up. The scraper itself is applied to the skin at a slight angle with the wide side. From the bottom up, first the right side is massaged for 5-10 movements, then the left side. Important: avoid pressure in the larynx and thyroid gland!
  3. Next, go to the forehead area, as before, apply the scraper with the wide side at a slight angle and continue the massage with movements from the center to the temple. Also 5-10 movements on each side.
  4. From the middle of the chin towards the ear.
  5. The scraper is taken with the narrow side, it is also applied to the skin and with a «semicircle» movement from the bridge of the nose under the eye is carried out to the temple. This movement is done with caution, as the massage takes place next to the eye. 5-10 movements on each side.
  6. With the wider side of the scraper, in a «semicircle» movement, we lead from the wings of the nose along the cheekbone to the ear, almost putting the scraper on the face. 5-10 movements on each side.
  7. With a wide plane of the scraper from the corner of the lips, we lead along the cheek to the base of the ear at a slight angle. 5-10 movements on each side.
  8. With a notch on the scraper or with a narrow side, we massage the jaw along its bend from the chin to the back of the head, also almost without the scraper tilting. 5-10 movements on each side.
  9. The narrow side of the scraper from the tip of the nose up to the center of the forehead. Repeat 5-10 movements.
  10. The narrow side of the scraper from the base of the nose above the lips and along the cheekbones to the ear. Repeat 5-10 movements.

Gouache massage will soon become the most effective facial and décolleté treatment. And of course, with a regular approach, you will get a healing effect.

Don’t put off taking care of yourself, because your beauty and health are in your hands!


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