How to create order in the workplace?

Remote work is becoming more and more relevant, and, as a result, the emergence of home offices. Well, places for studying schoolchildren and students have not gone anywhere. Therefore, the BON-TOM team decided to give you valuable knowledge: how to work with pleasure, and gnaw at the granite of science with joy!

Let’s do without theory, let’s get down to practice:

  • To concentrate attention, it is necessary to remove from the table everything that is not used in daily work.

  • “What about the decor and other cute things?” You ask. Favorite cactus, photos of loved ones and a figurine reminiscent of last year’s trip can be left, but we use the golden rule: no more than three items, less is better!

  • Items that you use often are placed closer and higher (for example, in a stack of working documents), then what you use less often, respectively, further and lower. This magic rule will keep your desktop tidy without having to constantly clean it up.

  • We are already close to the result, the last and most important step remains. In the computer era, it’s hard to imagine a world without a web of wires hanging unaesthetically or lying on a desktop, stumbling about us. But few people know that this issue can be easily solved! Organizer for wires from BON-TOM is an indispensable item in the workplace. Simplifies cleaning, emphasizes style and homeliness.

With one box you will solve 7 questions:

  • Storage of chargers, cables, extension cords

  • Case for electrical wires*Stand for gadgets: phones, tablets

  • Shelf for small things and accessories: headphones, headset, adapters, flash drives, power bank

  • Charging holder

  • Safety of children and animals from electronic cables

  • Protection of equipment from dust and liquidsThe container is made of high quality durable ABS plastic, the thickness of the product is 3mm.

    The lid has a slot for a smartphone or tablet, in this position it is comfortable to listen to music, watch videos or conduct video calls. There are holes for the output of the charger cord, thanks to the well-thought-out shape, the charging plug will not fall through, providing quick access.

    And also a stylish design and three colors of natural tones, harmonious for the eye.

  • Phew! We did it!

    Enjoying your daily activities is easy with BON-TOM!

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