How to choose a suit for LPG massage?


LPG massage is done in a special protective suit. The suit is also required for all types of vacuum-roller massage devices, during pressotherapy, lipomassage and steatomassage procedures.

It performs several tasks at once:

  • softens the effect of the maniple on the skin;
  • prevents pain during massage, skin damage and bruising;
  • increases efficiency (due to the fact that there is no discomfort in the overalls, the body is relaxed);
  • provides hygiene.

The main factors for choosing a suit:

  • The overalls should be elastic, follow the contours of the body, sit tight on the figure;
  • The seams on the suit should be flat so that the maniple slides well grabbing the fold without tearing the fabric;
  • In order to save money, it is better to choose a thicker suit so that it can be washed and used several times.

Our HEALTHY TIME brand suit fully meets all these criteria!

  • The density of the suit is 120 DEN, which allows using the suit for up to 50 massage sessions;
  • Material — microfiber (90%) and elastane (10%), due to which it is dense and very pleasant to the touch, soft, stretches well, durable;
  • Suit sizes — S, M, L, XL, XXL. The jumpsuit is suitable for any build and weight. It is important to choose not universal suits, but to select the appropriate size — only in this way the suit will follow the contours of the body and the procedure can be carried out effectively;
  • Suits are packed in bags, they will be convenient to take for procedures and store;
  • An important point — you can choose from three colors — white, pink and gray!

We wish you the best results from the course of massage with the overalls of our brand!


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