How to choose a quality fur coat made of natural fur?


If we talk about the choice of natural fur, then the only objective parameter is wear resistance, everyone chooses the rest based on their needs. For some, the most important thing is fashionable design and original style, for others — the country of origin, fur, dressing and tailoring.

Initially, you need to decide what fur you want to buy a fur coat from.

To make the winter season warm and comfortable, when choosing a fur coat, pay attention to the choice of fur. There are furs that are considered «cold», and there are those that are not afraid of any frost.

We offer options from almost all types of fur! Our assortment includes fluffy fur coats made of fox and polar fox, cozy fur coats made of mink, practical ones made of sheepskin, trendy ones made of llama and yak fur. You will definitely be able to choose exactly “your” fur coat!

Compare different furs, inspect the pile, it should be smooth, shiny. Stroke the fur against the wool. Long hairs should not break, and the down should be thick enough. The seams should be evenly stitched, the threads should not stick out. The skin should not be brittle and crispy, the fur should return to its original shape when squeezed.

Of course, the choice of fur coat style is also important. Consider the climate in your area as well. If you live in the North, consider buying an extra long hoodie. For a milder climate, cropped coats and jackets with a stand-up collar or an English collar are suitable. Transformer fur coats are also popular, the length of which can be changed with one movement of the hand.

The color palette today is not limited to black and brown. Dyeing does not affect the quality of the fur, dyes are resistant to precipitation, and fur coats look very interesting and stylish. Consider options for a fur coat in a bright, unusual color, or even a combination of several colors — this is now relevant. In addition, the color and style of the fur coat reflects your personality.

And most importantly — buy only what you feel comfortable and cozy in!


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