How to choose a posture corrector


Correct posture is not only beautiful. With the natural position of the vertebrae, symmetrical and with natural curves, the load is evenly distributed over the joints, ligaments and muscles, and they remain functional longer. With the right posture, you breathe deeply, which affects both athletic performance and the quality of your life.

In turn, posture disorders do not just look unattractive. Lateral curvature of the spine (scoliosis) can lead to chest deformity and breathing problems; incorrect position of the cervical vertebrae interferes with proper blood circulation in this area and provokes headaches; stoop leads to excessive stress on the diaphragm and on the abdominal organs.

Unfortunately, if you have a sedentary lifestyle, chances are that your posture is not perfect. Smartphones also add to the problems with the correct position of the spine: as a result of a study at the Center for Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Back in New York, it turned out that the load on the spine increases when we tilt our head at different angles. A tilt of 15 degrees leads to an additional load of 14 kg, 30 degrees — 20 kg, 45 degrees — almost 25. It is worth remembering how much time you spend with the phone during the day.

At the same time, both a smartphone and intellectual work are benefits that hardly anyone will consciously refuse. This is not required. To solve — or prevent — problems with the spine, you need patience and an integrated approach. Choose the optimal physical activity for you for different muscle groups. You spend a third of your life sleeping — choose an orthopedic mattress and pillow. Take small breaks during your work day and use them to move (or at least change your posture). All these measures will create a solid foundation for positive changes.

How do posture correctors work?

If you decide to approach your posture as consciously as possible, pick up a device that will be your reliable assistant. The posture corrector rotates the shoulders and fixes them in the correct position; he will not let you take the usual harmful posture, even if you are thoughtful and distracted (and this, of course, will happen).

When do you need a posture corrector?

— to form the skills of a physiologically correct posture;

— for the prevention and elimination of postural disorders and curvature of the spine;

— with osteochondrosis;

— with minor injuries of the thoracic spine.

What are posture correctors

Light hardness — are used for not too pronounced violations, for prevention; they are usually small fixtures with hand loops and no rigid parts.

Medium hardness — with spring inserts for better fixation. Used to prevent and treat back pain.

High degree of hardness — with plastic or metal ribs. They are only medicinal.

How to wear an Elasma posture corset

A posture corrector will benefit if you wear it every day.

The corrector relieves fatigue when sitting or standing for a long time, prevents curvature of the thoracic spine and the development of such diseases as osteochondrosis, kyphosis, spondylarthrosis and others. It will help you develop and maintain the correct posture for working at the computer.

You will get the maximum effect if you combine the corrector with physiotherapy exercises or with your favorite sport, such as swimming or tennis. Both the corset and the sport/fitness have their own value, and one is by no means a substitute for the other. If you just wear a corset without developing muscles, then you risk quickly returning to its original state — after all, weak muscles will not be able to maintain the learned body position.

Important! The corrector is NOT worn during physical exertion, but the rest of the time of wakefulness. At night, it also, of course, needs to be removed.

The effect of a corset for posture depends on its features. In general, the correctors are similar, but the details differ for different models:

— an adjustable belt in the lower part of the product covers the back and is attached to the body with Velcro in the solar plexus area (art. 17778210 and 17780534) or on the belt (art. 18700882 and 18701180);

— straps in the form of ribbons made of a special knitted two-layer material with the inclusion of an elastic fiber spread the shoulders to the sides and down;

— an insert with stiffeners made of painted stainless steel fixes the spinal column from the thoracic to the lumbar — only articles 18700882 and 18701180;

— More tension on the belt and straps creates more pressure on the shoulders and promotes more intense alignment of the spinal column.

How to choose a corset for correcting posture for adults and children

Important! To choose the right posture corrector, you need to consult a doctor. The specialist will determine whether a corrector is suitable for you at all, if so, which one — with or without hard ribs, and also how long you should wear it.

Separate men’s and women’s corsets for posture are not made — they are universal.

At the same time, it is very important to choose the right size, this will ensure the maximum effect for your health and extend the life of the corrector. Men need to measure the circumference of the chest at the level of the armpits, women — under the chest. A properly fitted posture corrector should not move out or be too tight.

Manufacturer size

Body circumference at armpits, cm

one 70-79
2 80 — 89
3 90 — 99
four 100 — 109
5 110 — 119
6 120 — 127
7 (only articles 18700882 and 18701180) 128 — 135

At the same time, at first, muscle discomfort and even muscle pain may be felt due to the fact that the muscles responsible for correct posture have begun to work. Warming up will help to remove these unpleasant sensations.

At first, do not overtighten the straps. Start wearing the corrector from 15-20 minutes a day, and then increase the wearing time by 5 minutes a day (but the doctor will still write a detailed regimen for you).

Give preference to technological materials: they stretch well and are securely fixed on the body. It is better if the material is hypoallergenic (although it is recommended to wear a corrector over a cotton T-shirt). It is important that rigid elements do not come into contact with the body.

Why choose Elasma correctors

— The effectiveness of ELASMA correctors has been confirmed by doctors. The development was attended by specialists from the Institute of Surgery. A.V. Vishnevsky RAMS. Compliance with all industry standards guarantees high quality, which is also confirmed by certificates of conformity, registration certificates and patents.

— Technological multilayer material (PAN — 61%, polyester — 15%, Lycra — 24%) perfectly stretches where it is needed, removes moisture and allows the skin to breathe. This material allows you to place the posture corrector on the body as conveniently as possible, it does not restrict movement due to powerful elasticity, and it also retains stable compression after repeated washes.

— You will select the degree of fit that you need with the help of a Velcro fastener, and the width of the fabric will optimally distribute the load.

— The posture corrector is not visible under clothing.

Help your body develop the right habit!


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