How to choose a pencil case for a teenager for school


Teenagers are difficult little adults. They are difficult to please, their mood changes at the speed of light. These are no longer small children who will enthusiastically look at a thing with a “Transformers” or “Lady Bug” print, they want to be in trend, to draw attention to themselves: look, I’m not a brand, but I myself am a brand. Therefore, it is so important to pay attention to even the smallest detail that revolves around your fashionable little man. Modern prints of clothes, unusual stationery, trendy pencil cases for school, all this complements the image of a modern teenager. Consider some of the models on the market.

Pencil case «Star» silicone

Looking for original school stationery? «Star» is a school silicone pencil case, which you can buy as a gift for a child of any gender. It is roomy, durable, beautiful, presented in three bright colors. Studying with such an accessory will become more exciting and interesting!

The school pencil case is made of non-toxic soft silicone. This durable material is almost impossible to tear, it is durable, strong. The zippered pencil case is easy to care for — it is easy to clean it from dirt by wiping it with a damp cloth.

The pencil case is equipped with a reliable zipper with a slider made of silicone to match the product. It is roomy: it can store several dozen stationery items of a standard size — pens, brushes, pencils, erasers, sharpeners.

Color in assortment: raspberry, green or orange. The rubber pencil case is decorated with a star print. Suitable for study or creative activities, can be used as a cosmetic bag.

Size: 17.6x7x5.1 cm, weight: 109 g.

Pencil case «Miao Class»

«Miao Class» is an original cosmetic pencil case, decorated with a picture of a superhero cat. It will appeal to both children and teenagers, it will be an interesting gift for any occasion. The cat is most likely in puberty. His stern appearance and mischievous character does not detract from his virtues: generosity, kindness and a sharp mind.

The pencil case attracts attention with a bright design, while it is comfortable and roomy. It can compactly store not only school supplies (erasers, pencils, brushes, pens), but also any small items — cosmetics, money, jewelry.

The cosmetic bag is made of non-toxic silicone that does not cause allergies. This lightweight, durable material is easy to clean, does not tear, and does not require regular washing.

«Miao Class» are the most fashionable school pencil cases. Unusual design cheers up, makes the product a spectacular accessory. Its compact size makes it easy to take with you anywhere. The silicone pencil case is presented in four bright colors, and comes with an elastic band that securely holds the lid.

Size: 19.8×7.5×3 cm, weight: 149 g.

Pencil case «You win!»

Remember the game Rock, Paper, Scissors? Did you play as a child? The game is still popular among children and teenagers. You win pencil cases are decorated with a print with elements of this gambling game.

You win are functional, beautiful, easy-to-use pencil cases for teenagers. They contain all the basic stationery necessary for a student: a sharpener, pens, pencils, compasses, an eraser, felt-tip pens. One versatile zippered compartment saves time by keeping everything you need close at hand. Can be used for carrying, storing any small items — headphones, money, memory cards.

You win is the perfect pencil case for a boy, embellished with the slogan, “You win!”. It is intended for students from 6 years of age. The original design cheers up, draws attention to the owner of the product.

Rectangular pencil case made of PVC in red, yellow or blue. The fabric is pleasant to the touch, easy to wash. The pencil case is equipped with a smooth, durable zipper with a convenient metal slider that opens easily.

Size: 8.5x21x4.5 cm. Weight: 56 g.

Cosmetic case «Blink side»

Pencil case «Blink side» is a practical, stylish accessory that will become an indispensable tool for a student. A spacious, durable pencil case for storing items necessary for study and creative activities: pencils, pens, felt-tip pens and other stationery.

The model is made in the original design — the pencil case has «eyes», which makes it look like a cartoon character. The school pencil case is made of pleasant to the touch, durable PVC in blue, yellow, pink or black. One universal large compartment closes with a strong zipper with a metal slider.

Pencil case «Blink side» combines convenience, high quality and beauty — it emphasizes the individuality and good taste of the owner.

A pencil case for a girl is ideal for young schoolgirls — the appearance will definitely not leave them indifferent. Charming «eyes» at any time will cheer you up, make the learning process more interesting. Can be used to store any small items: cosmetics, headphones, coins.

Size: 21×7.5×5 cm, weight: 72 g.


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