How to choose a high-quality and convenient construction basin

If you have to build or repair with “wet work”, such as laying bricks or plastering walls, you cannot do without a special construction basin, especially since it will be used after construction.

What should be the basin for construction

High-quality basins for construction are made from especially strong plastic. Their main task is to stably withstand various kinds of loads. So plastic basins of the brand «Your Favorite Pond» without problems endure increased pressure and shock. They can be crushed, and after any such impact, the container will take its original shape. To mix the solution, it is allowed to use any convenient metal tool, you can be sure that it will not damage the container.

Which shape to choose

Round basins are more convenient for preparing solutions using a special nozzle for a drill. It is easier to knead the components in them, since the nozzle itself makes circular movements. «Your favorite pond» offers two options for containers: Construction round basin «Anti-impact-60». The volume is 60 l, the diameter of the upper part is 58 cm, the lower part is 42 cm. The depth is 32 cm. Volume 40 l, diameter of the upper part: 51 cm, bottom-32 cm, depth — 32 cm. Rectangular basins are more suitable for mixing ready-made liquid or viscous formulations. It is more convenient to work in them with a shovel or a spatula. The construction rectangular basin «Anti-impact-40», from the brand «Your Favorite Pond» has a volume of 40 liters, the size of the upper part is 76×44 cm, the lower one is 62×29 cm with a depth of 23 cm.

What are construction pots suitable for?

For mixing solutions of any type. A plastic container will be repeatedly needed during the construction or repair process, if “wet work” is expected. Plastic basins are lightweight, and therefore it is convenient to move them around the construction site. The solution is easily washed off from smooth walls and bottom. If necessary, you can also wash the container with chemicals. It is convenient to store dry mixes, loose and liquid materials or tools in construction basins. In the garage, plastic molds are useful for storing auto parts. Basins for construction can also be used at home. It is convenient to put vegetables and fruits in them, collect mowed grass or put garbage. In winter, they can store fertile soil from the site for early seedling cultivation.

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