How to care for white leather shoes and backpacks?

We all love white shoes, sneakers, sneakers, shoes, boots, match accessories to handbags and backpacks. But how to keep the whiteness of your beloved couple, especially in autumn? We will tell in this article.

Use special care products for white skin:

1. We recommend using a cream matched by color and shade. Properly selected cream will protect your white shoes from scratches and polish, giving shine. Use it once a month.

2. Use water-repellent creams, especially for wet weather. Apply it to the entire surface of the shoe with a soft sponge.

3. Do not dry white shoes in the sun to avoid fading. We also do not recommend drying shoes on a radiator, as the leather quickly deforms.

There are many ways to keep the white color of the leather of shoes and accessories thanks to folk remedies. Let’s talk about the most popular:

1. Toothpaste + brush can remove dirt

2. Black stripes on shoes can be removed with a melamine sponge.

3. Old stubborn stains will be removed with lemon juice and wine vinegar.

4. Use a 1 to 1 solution of baking soda and water to keep your shoes white

5. Wipe your white shoes more often with wet wipes, especially in autumn and winter. Salt stains and reagents corrode the skin.

Thanks to these tools, you can keep white shoes and a white backpack in excellent condition. With regular care, your favorite thing will last for several more seasons.

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