If in the 2000s everyone could find a couple of skinnies in their wardrobe, then in 2022 the views “expanded”, like trousers.

A women’s home suit with wide trousers is an ideal option that fully meets the standards of modern fashion: practical, stylish and concise.

“But wide trousers are not for everyone!”, someone will tell us.

And we will answer: “it’s just important to know a few tricks.”

So, how to avoid mistakes when choosing a suit with wide trousers?

1. Pay attention to fit. Agree that wide trousers + low rise can visually create the feeling of “short legs”? It is better to choose a high fit like a DIMARG suit — emphasize the beauty of your legs.

2. The length of wide trousers, no matter how it sounds, should be long. Preferably on the floor — these trousers look not only elegant, but also suitable for any height.

3. Pants must be made of dense fabric. This will allow them not to lose their shape, as well as look advantageous on their feet.

If it seems to you that choosing a women’s suit with wide trousers is a difficult task, then we will show you DIMARG suits.

The suit is made of polyester (95%) and spandex (5%), which allows it not to lose its shape after wearing and washing. In addition, the material is perfectly breathable: your body will be 100% comfortable in it.

This costume includes a jersey longsleeve and palazzo trousers. Longsleeve perfectly emphasizes the figure, and the model of trousers visually lengthens the silhouette.

A long sleeve and palazzo pants set is a must-have for every stylish girl in spring 2022.

The suit does not fade in the sun, which means it will delight you with its quality and bright color for a very long time.

The DIMARG kit is perfect for:

— cozy home days;

— walks and sports;

— dates, if you add accessories and suitable shoes.

The DIMARG women’s suit is also a great gift option!

Does anyone refuse a stylish and comfortable suit, which is at the peak of relevance this year?

Sizes S, M, L. Color: black, sand, sky blue.

Feel fashion and style with DIMARG suits!

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