The modern beauty industry is somewhat similar to a supermarket. Injections and a Botox effect cream will help you instantly rejuvenate, and an express exit procedure will give your face the desired glow before the party. The concept of slow beauty stands apart from modern cosmetology. We tell you why you should know about it.

What is slow beauty, or «slow beauty»

Slow beauty is not even a trend, but a philosophy. She proclaims a conscious approach to skin care and slow but sure results. The concept is based on the principles of Ayurveda, which presuppose a comprehensive system of beauty and health care.

By sticking to slow beauty, you turn skin care into a ritual. Time out for yourself will help you relax and gain strength, and your skin will remain beautiful and healthy. Supporters of the concept of «slow beauty» believe that this approach has a positive effect on the emotional background, helps to get rid of anxiety and relieve stress. Agree, it is very important in conditions of constant lack of time and rest.

Principles of slow beauty

• The main thing is health and well-being. You need to get enough sleep and eat right. A healthy, balanced diet will improve the condition of the skin better than the most expensive cream.

• Self-care is fun. Therefore, you need to take care of yourself regularly and consistently.

• Pay attention to the inner world. Enjoy every minute spent alone with yourself.

• Do not fuss. Why run when you can stop and analyze the situation thoughtfully.

• Natural beauty. Do not chase the standards of beauty imposed from the outside. It is important not to be ashamed of yourself and preserve, and not embellish what nature has given.

Slow beauty: where to start

Simple tips to help rethink your habits:

one. Arrange SPA days. The special POLEZZNO SPA series will help with this. This is a natural face and body care without preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes. The line is based on superfoods, clay, cocoa well, coconut milk, Epsom salt and other highly effective natural ingredients. All products are packed in convenient and economical doy-packs with a fastener. We tell you how to use them for the harmony of soul and body:

— Make a face mask so that the skin pleases with beauty, freshness and healthy radiance
— Take a fragrant bath with Epsom salts and a bouquet of essential oils, the aromas of which are reminiscent of travels to distant lands. Choose your route: the palace gardens of Istanbul, the eucalyptus grove in Greece or the cheerful Spain, where Christmas is in full swing.
— Use a scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells and make the skin smooth and velvety.

2. Learn meditation and breathing practices. It is not necessary to spend hours studying various techniques — just install the application on your phone and spend 15 minutes a day on it.

3. Try yoga. Start with the simplest asanas, and then, perhaps, you will get involved and switch to more complex exercises.

four. Review your diet. Drink enough water and try to eat a balanced diet. Formulas for the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates will help to create a competent menu (here is the average version: proteins — 15-20%; fats — 30%; carbohydrates — 55-60%).

5. Disassemble your makeup bag. Is it worth keeping five mascaras and a collection of creams for all occasions? Do you really need the tonic you last opened last year? By getting rid of unnecessary things, we free up space and learn to enjoy what we have.

6. Refrain from spontaneous purchases. The second logical step after you review your makeup bag. Sometimes we buy something new just because it says «Sale» and the price crossed out. Refraining from impulsive buying is difficult, but possible. Try not to immediately run to the checkout or place an order. Take a short pause and consider if this product is right for you and if it is right for you.


The concept of slow beauty will not change your life, but it will help you take care of yourself more consciously. Just stop and listen to your feelings, and the POLEZZNO SPA collection will help with this. Fragrant bath salts, scrubs and masks — the series has everything to unload yourself and turn the bathroom into a SPA-salon. Enjoy every minute spent alone with yourself!

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