How fitness bands are replacing the gym. Let’s see if they are useful


Fitness elastic bands are elastic bands in the form of a ring or strip with different levels of resistance: if translated into kilograms, it turns out from two to 20. They are put on the necessary area of ​​​​the body and create an additional load during the exercise. It is because of this load that ordinary training becomes strength training. If you squat 50 times, you can do 15-20 repetitions with bands, and this load will be much more useful and effective. The equipment will come in handy in exercises for the press, arms, buttocks, muscles of the core and back, and even improve posture. This is a great way to tighten the figure, strengthen the muscles.

Rubber bands will not increase endurance, but they will help to form muscles: with stable training, they hurt no less than when exercising in the gym. One of the main advantages is the compactness and mobility of inventory. Light elastic bands weigh a few grams and do not take up space: you can train here and now, use at home, take to the country, work, visit. This is a great solution if you spare money for a gym membership or are constantly looking for reasons not to go there because of bad weather, large crowds, remoteness from the office or home.

What is the difference

The bands differ in characteristics: some have more resistance, they are used for exercises on the legs, hips and buttocks. Elastic bands with less tension are suitable for working out the muscles of the press, arms and back.

Fitness tapes differ in the level of rigidity: soft, medium, hard, very hard. To understand the difference, they are produced in yellow, red, blue, green, black colors. Sometimes the manufacturer indicates the thickness in millimeters or marks it with letters: XS, S, M, ML, L, XL.

Benefits of training with bands

Athletes highlight the choice of load level, improved stretching, muscle toning, reducing the load on the articular-ligamentous apparatus and posture alignment. The tapes also help those who strive for harmony, get rid of problem areas and need rehabilitation training: they will strengthen the muscle corset and improve the quality of the body.

The rubber loop replaces the simulator: it creates a uniform load along the entire trajectory without “dead zones” and replaces the weighting agent during exercises. Also, the constant supervision of the trainer is not required: with the expander ring, you can exercise and control the load yourself by adjusting the level of stretching.

It is better to purchase a set of fitness tapes: then you can perform exercises on several areas of the body at once and gradually increase the load.

Top 5 exercises

Do 15-20 reps for 3-4 sets of each exercise.

1. Place the elastic on your knees. Get on all fours and move your leg to the side as far as possible. Pause or spring at the top. So the buttocks, the inner surface of the thigh are worked out.

2. Place the elastic just below the knee. Lie on your side and take one leg out to the side with your knees bent. This exercise is for the inner thigh.

3. Shoulder bridge with elastic. The elastic stays just below the knees. Raise your buttocks as high as possible. Do not lower them to the floor, keep them on weight all the time if you want to complicate the exercise.

4. Position the elastic just below the knee. Sit on the floor and spread your legs apart. This method is suitable for pumping the muscles of the inner thigh.

5. Move the elastic to your knees. Squat so that your knee does not go past your toes. Imagine that you are sitting on a chair. When lifting up, take your leg to the side.

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