Despite the endless, continuous change of trends, and even taking into account the cyclical nature of fashion, for many generations, a hoodie with a hood has been an invariable wardrobe item.

Hoodie (English hoodie from hood — “hood”) Sweatshirts with a warm fleece lining and a hood were developed by Champion in 1930 for workers located in freezer warehouses in New York and were considered nothing more than a utilitarian piece of clothing.

From the 70s to the present, Hoodie has always remained on the wave of popularity, only occasionally changing its admirers. Associating at first with dark-skinned people from a criminal environment, with athletes and hooligan youth who hid their faces under a hood. In the 90s, having become a permanent attribute of hip-hop culture, the hoodie was also included in the basis of the collections of fashion designers (Claire McCardel, Norma Kamali), conquering the heights of the Fashion industry.

A product that at the same time can be absolutely identical and different, but always convenient to use, will forever remain in the hearts of the consumer.

Modern designers have contributed to the development of new product forms, according to the latest fashion trends, having also designed the visual component with a color palette, a variety of prints, which allows absolutely everyone to wear hoodies and stay in trend. Based on fashion shows of famous brands, it is obvious that today monochrome designs are the most popular.

How to decide on the size? You probably noticed that 5 years ago we could only catch the first echoes, but by 2020/2021, a style called Oversize — Freely climbed to the top of Olympus! Comfortable! Stylish! If quite recently stylists recommended buying things a size larger, then the motto of the present time is — Size does not matter! Therefore, the most stylish solutions for fashionistas are oversized hoodies.

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