Home care as an alternative to salon procedures


We develop our products with the utmost care as a salon alternative for the modern woman.

We are talking about the effectiveness, behind which there are specific indicators of clinical trials.

WATER DROP CREAM is a synergy of precious oils, purest extracts and bio-fermented plant actives that act at the cellular level.

Botanical bio-fermented moisturizing active (biosaccharide complex) provides long-lasting and stable hydration of the superficial and deep layers of the skin.


+44% 1 hour after application

+79% 3 hours after application

+29% 8 hours after application

Synthesis of hyaluronic acid (after 8 days of observation)*

+56% epidermal HA

+20% dermal HA

Botanical smoothing bio-fermented active promotes the synthesis of its own HA, restores and maintains optimal levels of HA in the skin, hydration and elasticity.

Sustained hydration*

Superficial dampening +28%

Deep Hydration + 12%


Density — 46-96% reduction

Depth — 12.5-52% reduction


Resilience +12%



*after 1 month of use

Macadamia, rice bran and walnut oils are physiological for the skin, the immediate effect of moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Licorice and echinacea extracts have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, regenerate and heal.

Try and experience intelligent skin care.


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