Guasha scraper: what methods of application exist and what results to expect


It’s no secret that health must be protected from a young age — the skin is no exception. Facial and body skin care can be time consuming, but fortunately in today’s world there are many ways to turn the process of rejuvenating and healing the skin into a favorite morning ritual. We will tell you what methods exist and what results can be obtained.

The main factors affecting our skin are the environment: poor ecology, wind, sun, temperature changes, and our lifestyle: disturbed water balance, fatigue, stress, sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, many girls use various kinds of cosmetics, which, although it helps to hide some flaws, often gives rise to new ones — rashes and dryness. Our skin requires special care: moisturizers, remedies for acne and other rashes, remedies for swelling and dark circles under the eyes. But what if there is a remedy that will save your skin from unnecessary stress, after which you can forget about a thick stack of foundation and contouring?

Straight from ancient China, the Gua Sha scraper, proven for centuries and gaining popularity today, has become available to us. Applying daily skin care products, we simultaneously do a small massage of the face, neck, décolleté, arms, legs, etc., but we rarely think about the benefits of a massage, not a cream. The Gua Sha scraper reveals this process to us from the other side — it helps to get rid of edema, emphasize the contour of the face, improve blood circulation and get rid of wrinkles. In addition, due to its natural composition, it enriches our skin with vitamins, prevents rashes, often caused by unclean hands.

There are a huge number of ways to massage with a Gua Sha scraper: Due to its anatomical shape and lightness, it is used with one hand. With light and relaxed movements, the entire surface of the face is massaged. Be it cheekbones, forehead, nose or under-eye area. The figure below provides detailed instructions on which parts and in which area the greatest effect is achieved.

Thanks to medical research, the following advantages of using this method for human skin care have been noted.

1. Gets rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes

2. Removes swelling

3. Improves lymphatic drainage

4. Relaxes facial muscles

5. Rejuvenates the skin

6. Smoothes out wrinkles

7. Improves blood circulation

In turn, we want to recommend an excellent natural wood Guasha scraper, which has a chic smell and a universal shape, which can be suitable for both face and body massage.

See you soon!


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