Games for the whole family: how to spend time fun and useful!


Family entertainment helps to relax, unwind, understand each other better, and establish warm relationships. Family games have an important feature — a powerful positive effect on the child’s psyche. A benevolent company helps children quickly master the art of communication, develop empathy, and learn how to respond correctly to victory or defeat. We will tell you what activities will help you spend time with loved ones fun and usefully.

Board games for the whole family

Interesting entertaining board games are the best for home family gatherings in the evenings. There are several reasons for this:

  • Number of participants. Board games can be played by 2 or more people. The game becomes a means of communication, an opportunity to show emotions, share experience, transfer knowledge, and cultivate a team spirit.
  • Interesting for people of all ages. Having picked up the appropriate version of the “table”, you can gather the whole family at the table: parents, grandparents, preschoolers, teenagers.
  • The universality of the place and time of the tournament. It depends only on the desire of the players where and when they will play. This can be done at home at the table, in the country, on the train, regardless of the time of day and the weather outside.
  • developmental effect. Most board games develop memory, attention, perseverance, logical thinking, enrich speech and broaden horizons.

At the same time, the variety of modern board games is so great that among them it is easy to choose entertainment that will be of interest not only to children, but also to adults. The TOP 3 rankings of the best board games for the whole family included:


At first glance, finding pictures on your cards is very simple. However, kids at 3-4 years old have to work hard to find the right image. Choosing sets of different themes: with letters, numbers, animals, transport — you will help children not only develop attention, but also easily learn letters, master counting, broaden their horizons. In addition, lotto helps:

  • Improve fine motor skills. And this means that the fingers of the players will eventually become more flexible, more obedient, and coordination of movements will improve. In addition, fine motor skills affect the development of speech.
  • Practice logic. The child models the situation, calculates the probability of victory, makes deliberate decisions, sees mistakes — and these are clear signs of logical thinking.
  • Get communication skills. During the game, the baby has to communicate with other participants. This helps to expand his vocabulary, learn how to properly respond to a loss or victory (without showing negative emotions). The task of adults is to show children a positive example: to encourage, reassure the loser, sincerely rejoice for the winner.
  • Develop observation, attention, perseverance, memory.


The classic board game will be a great addition to the children’s loto. If the family has kids under 5 years old, it is better to purchase a special children’s set. In it, instead of dots, pictures are applied to the chips. There are hundreds of different domino games known today. However, no one will forbid changing the rules, inventing their own versions of exciting fun. Dominoes can be played alone or in a large group. Thematic dominoes from the factory of educational toys Alatoys will not only help you have fun, but will also benefit the development and consolidation of skills, such as:

  • on the study of numbers;
  • development of attention;
  • development of logic and motor skills;
  • as well as in the production of speech and memory improvement.


The attention game will bring a lot of fun minutes and pleasant memories. Turned down «shirt» chips, participants see one moment. During this moment, the participants must remember the location of the desired picture, and in the next move, accurately select the desired card. This game is exciting and useful for the memory, imagination, logic, attention and speech of the child. In order for the set to last for several years, it is better to choose a wooden version. After all, toys made of wood are more durable, they are easy to keep clean and pleasant to pick up, feeling warm from touch.

Games in which the whole family participates bring joy to adults and children, make the life of the household more fun, and the family more united. Play more often, involve grandparents, friends, acquaintances in the process. Time will pass, the kids will grow up and say thank you for the moments of joy and happiness.


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