The backpack has entered our lives tightly. We wear it everywhere: to work, school, going to the store, going to nature, riding a bike.

It’s convenient, I put the necessary things in it, or let’s say purchases, threw it on my shoulders and went.

Everyone chooses for himself, for his needs, for clothes, for mood.

Women (girls) look at the color, style of the backpack, at the same time, men look at the functionality. This is of course a little far-fetched, but still.

Plenty of backpacks. And there are many appointments. Here I have three backpacks, and each for its own tasks. I bought one backpack for a camera. There are many sections; under the lens, under the batteries and the camera itself. And also a lot of pockets — it’s all functionality.

The other backpack is purely for hiking. It has almost no compartments inside. You can fold a lot up to the top. Pockets are all outside, mostly for small change. There are pockets with zippers where you can put things of medium size.

The third backpack is just everyday around the city, to work. It has branches; under a laptop, pockets for pens, pencils, a notebook or a diary, as well as a large space for your things.

For example, how do I pick up a backpack. First I look at the appearance; color, design. Everything always happens in different ways, rather according to the mood. Well, let’s say I’m going on a bike ride out of town. We picked up the color, appearance, and then the strength. Then I look at the hardware. What kind of snakes, how are they stitched, do threads stick out, is it convenient to open. Shoulder straps are a very important parameter. Straight straps are typical for everyday backpacks, which are usually smaller and can hold much less cargo. Such straight belts look more fashionable, but can be quite comfortable thanks to soft padding. The options for fastening the lower part of the belts are also important. There are a lot of variations, each parameter is considered for each backpack (urban, tourist, school) separately, but this cannot be neglected. Straps help maintain posture and reduce stress on the spine.

There are backpacks when the zipper is covered. Yes, it is practical, it flies less on it, but at the same time, it is very inconvenient to open it, not all of them are like that, but most of them. The weight of the backpack also matters, hence it turns out that it should be light and durable (this is ideal), but as a rule, this is not always the case. When choosing a product, we spend a lot of time evaluating and checking the quality. We try to select high-quality models. After delivery, we check again to make sure everything matches. After all, everyone wants to have a good, solid, beautiful and reliable thing.

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