Everyone on the barbecue! How to prepare a comfortable outdoor recreation area


The long-awaited May holidays are approaching. In 2022, the May weekend will last from May 1 to May 3 and from May 7 to 10. And this means that the Russians have seven days for a wonderful holiday with family or friends!

What do you need for a comfortable holiday in nature or in the country? Of course, good preparation! View the weather forecast, choose the warmest day, invite friends and relatives, create a menu, plan the purchase of products and everything you need for barbecue.

And then you are waiting for two main options for preparing a comfortable outdoor recreation area:

1. The path «I myself.» Difficulty level — High.

Independently, through thorns and mistakes, pick up a brazier, appropriate accessories. Spend time, nerves and most importantly money! As a result, tired to start their vacation (perhaps forgetting the skewer?!).

2. Path «Enlightened». Difficulty level — relaxed

Go to Wildberries, choose a brand «OUR SHASHLYK» or item number 70066181. Press the «search» button. Order a picnic set for outdoor recreation and summer cottage. Wait for delivery and in a good mood go to nature and cook barbecue in comfort!

Why do we recommend a set for a picnic and recreation in the country and nature from the brand «OUR SHELL»?

The set is specially designed for cooking barbecue and organizing a comfortable outdoor recreation area. You no longer need to run around the shops in search of tablecloths, barbecue, bags … All this in one place and at a great price!

The set includes 6 items:

  • collapsible stainless steel brazier
  • prefabricated table
  • 40 bamboo skewers
  • rubberized gloves
  • tablecloth for table
  • barbecue storage bag

Features of the folding brazier: metal prefabricated brazier is made of durable carbon steel 0.9 mm thick. Such a brazier perfectly holds the heat, which means that you will need less coals for cooking barbecue. When folded, the brazier looks like a small diplomat and will take up minimal space in the trunk of your car. It also assembles in just 45 seconds and is easy and durable to use.

Prefabricated table characteristics: a compact table made of durable cardboard can withstand up to 25 kg (it’s true, we checked it!). When folded, the table takes up minimal space, and thanks to simple and understandable instructions, it assembles in just a couple of minutes. With a prefabricated table, rest becomes much more comfortable, because it is much better if the food is not placed on the ground, but on the table.

Travel kit from the brand «OUR SHASHLYK» Great for cooking barbecue, barbecue, grilled vegetables. It can be used for picnic, camping, hiking, take with you on travel as a hiking kit.

When folded, the travel set looks like an easy-to-carry diplomat. Equipped with a carrying handle.

Such a set with a brazier is a great gift for your beloved man, father, grandfather, brother for the May holidays, May 9!


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