Dressing gown for work in school how to choose? Boys and girls

The August-October season is truly considered «hot» for many parents. It is understandable — the beginning of the school year and absolutely everything is needed: from new notebooks to a uniform of a certain style. Each lesson has its own list. Head is spinning! And, of course, the lesson of labor is no exception. In most educational institutions, the lesson of technology takes place with the study of carpentry. For safety and cleanliness of clothing, a bathrobe is required for both boys and girls. How to choose a dressing gown for work and why is it needed? We’ll tell you everything.

Why do you need a uniform for work

The uniform for work includes not only a dressing gown, but also a headdress, gloves and glasses. — For safety Working with any tool or machine requires the utmost care. Nothing should interfere with the process: neither long sleeves, nor dust in the eyes, nor a splinter in the finger. — For the purity of the form Modern school uniform costs parents a pretty penny, so it is important that it stays clean as long as possible. The dressing gown reliably protects it from dust and shavings. — In order not to put “2” and be allowed to the lesson, Trudovik can receive a reprimand or a fine if, during a sudden check, at least one student is not in overalls. Therefore, teachers demand a dressing gown for work from the very first lessons and sometimes take emergency measures from lowering grades to excluding discipline.

How to choose a dressing gown for work

So, we figured out that protection for the lesson is simply necessary. Now another question, how to choose a dressing gown for work?

1. Model according to GOST The model must comply with GOST 12.4132-8. This form is ideal for the lesson.

2. Sleeves with cuffs Sleeves must be cuffed. Cuffs are sleeves with a button fastening near the tassel. In this case, nothing will “hang down”, even if the dressing gown itself is a bit too big.

3. Durable breathable 100% cotton fabric The dressing gown for work should be made of natural, but durable fabric. So that it is not hot in it, but at the same time, the bathrobe after two washes does not turn into a “rag”, and when in contact with the skin there is no risk of allergies. For example, from a diagonal — a fabric made of 100% cotton, which allows the skin to breathe, while with a dense weave, which shrinks less than coarse calico. Blended or other non-natural fabrics are used among workers in industries where the load on clothing is more serious and comfort is the last thing to think about. The child will be simply uncomfortable in this.

4. Knee length The length of the dressing gown should be up to the knee or cover it. Therefore, choose a dressing gown for work according to the growth of the child, focusing on the size chart.

5. Three pockets The presence of an additional third pocket is very convenient. You can always put a mobile phone or a stationery knife in the top pocket, and use the bottom ones for tools or gloves.

6. Strap on the back When choosing a dressing gown for work, pay attention to the strap on the back, which serves to adjust the product in width. It can be cut or with a tuck, but it is better that it be on a button. The strap may already have a button, but its absence is also considered the norm. For more slender children, it is enough to tighten the “belt” more tightly (altering the button), and for larger children, on the contrary, cut off the button, spreading the strap in full length.

7. Color: black, blue or white But what color to choose — either the teacher at work or the parent with the child decides, there are no definite rules. Of course, the choice is small — the standard colors are still blue and black. White coats are rarely requested, this color is used for lessons that are held outside the carpentry workshops. How to choose the SIZE of a dressing gown for work

How to choose a dressing gown for work with a non-standard figure

Choose the size according to the size grid in the tablebased on the growth of the child. There is no need to make a “clothing allowance” — the sizes are indicated already taking into account the clothes. If you do not know the height, then focus on the approximate age in the first column.

What if…

If you still can’t decide on the size chart, then follow our advice below.

Bogatyr If the child «Real hero» is not full, but large (with broad shoulders, stocky, strong), then take 1 size up. For example, a child with a height of 145 cm will fit 40-42. Do not worry that the sleeves will “dangle”, the cuffs will not allow the sleeve to slip into the palm of your hand and get in the way.

With a small belly If the boy or girl has a small belly, then take the size-to-size, just cut or sew the button on the back of the strap, if there is one. If the baby is a little bigger, then consider going up a size. For example, if the height is 155 cm, you take 40-42, releasing the strap completely, 44-46. As a last resort, you can try on 2 sizes.

Big belly Eif the baby loves to eat very much, and you can’t call the tummy small, and the height is from 150 to 160 cm, then we have developed a size 40-42 especially for you+. This size is wider, with increased shoulders, while the length corresponds to the size 40-42. The sleeves will fit, and the length will reach the knee. For example, if a child has a height of 150/155/140/160 cm, you take 40-42+. If the height does not fit into the framework of 150-160, then take 1-2 sizes more, focusing on the measurements of the products in the detailed size table (see below).

We have a model for big boys (art. 39312823)

And my skinny one is very… For thin guys, we recommend taking a bathrobe size-to-size, focusing solely on height. You should not take less, because the length of the sleeve and the dressing gown itself may be short. With a height of 140 to 150 cm, a thin child will fit 36-38, with 150-160 cm -40-42, with 160 — 170 cm — 44-46. Tall child If your baby is tall and taller than many of his peers, then look exclusively at the «height» column, not paying attention to the «approximate age» column. With a height of 165 to 175 cm, we advise you to take 48-50, and with a height of 170 — 44-46. Long arms If the child’s figure is non-standard, for example, a boy or girl has long beautiful arms or broad shoulders, then armed with a centimeter tape, measure a specific part of the body and use a more detailed table.

Shoulders (back) — distance from shoulder to shoulder Back width — the distance behind between the armpits Belly width — distance in the abdomen, the widest point in the product The length of the sleeve — distance from shoulder to thumb bone Length of the product — the distance from the lower cervical vertebra (collar) to the lower point of the product

For growth If you want to take a robe for more than one year, then we advise you to take 1 size more, but this is the maximum. Taking 2-3 sizes more is fraught with the uselessness of the bathrobe itself for the current period, because its functionality will be zero, the bathrobe should not be large

Dressing gown for girls

Our bathrobes are suitable for both boys and girls. The buttons will be on the right side for everyone. The strap, if desired, can be tightened and the dressing gown will sit on the figure. Here is an example of our dressing gowns for girls. If you have curvy shapes, it is recommended to take a size larger.


With proper care, any item, including a dressing gown for labor lessons, will last you longer. There are only 2 rules. Machine wash up to 40° Diagonal — the fabric is of high quality, but still cotton and gives a slight shrinkage. Therefore, we recommend washing the bathrobe in water not higher than 40 ° Free washing machine In order to avoid creases and make it easier to iron the bathrobe for work, do not push the bathrobe into a clogged machine. The fabric should have room to properly rinse and not wrinkle.

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