Couch cover. How to make your workplace a magnet for clients.


Each master wants clients to return to him again and again, and for this, with the current competition, skill and pleasant communication alone are not enough. And dropping the price of your services is also not an option. Therefore, more and more masters are beginning to pay attention to the quality of the materials they work with, as well as the beauty, style and comfort of the workplace. The main task is to make the master feel comfortable and have everything at hand, and the client is comfortable and would like to come on a regular basis. Since the client spends the entire procedure on the couch, he should also like it. This is where a couch cover comes in handy. But which one to choose? A velvety, soft and pleasant to the touch couch cover from the Vilema brand, made of well-stretched stretch velor with an elastic band in a circle, will win the hearts of your customers, as well as give a stylish look to the couch and fit into any salon or office interior. It is reusable and machine washable. On top of the cover for each client, a disposable sheet is laid, rolled or with an elastic band. The size of the cover is 180 * 60 cm, but thanks to the stretchy material, the cover fits most couches and larger ones: beauty, massage, with a rising headrest, pedicure chair. This is an indispensable accessory for beauty masters, lash makers, eyebrow artists, masseurs, cosmetologists and other beauty masters, for masters of eyelash extension and lamination, those who work on the couch. During the procedure, the velor cover from Vilema does not slip due to two additional fasteners — elastic bands with a fastex fastener in the middle. Let’s tell you more about the material and care of the cover. Stretch velor is a dense, but surprisingly delicate material with a soft, dense pile velvety surface. The high density of the fabric (405 g/m) guarantees its high wear resistance. Velor retains heat well. Velor covers look good and do not wrinkle. Caring for these cases is very easy. They can be washed on a delicate wash at 30 degrees. Spin should also be used delicate. Ironing is not necessary. With proper care, the Vilema couch cover will serve you for a very long time. The goods are produced in Russia. Vilema is premium quality. The cover can also be used for the head of the bed, on the sofa, on the kitchenette or as a sheet on the mattress. Happy shopping.


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