It’s no secret that newborn babies up to six months see the world in black and white. They are born farsighted, meaning they cannot focus on objects that are close to them. After 6 months, their picture returns to normal and acquires colors. Therefore, when choosing the first books for a child, make sure that:

• they had large images

• pictures were black and white or contrasting colors

• books were made of safe materials (had a certificate of conformity)

• were multifunctional (you can see, bite, listen, touch)

• had thick pages

• the size of the books was suitable for the baby’s hands

• the edges of the book have been rounded for safety

happiness inside

Baby books with a rattle function and a tactile element fully meet these requirements. The products are printed with edible inks on durable eco-friendly cardboard with rounded edges. It has a certificate of conformity (passed all the necessary safety tests 0+).

The book uses contrasting black and white pictures with the addition of one color, which has a beneficial effect on the development of vision, perception, memory, imagination and logic from the first day of life.

happiness inside

Your little one will love this series of books with a little kitten, sheep, penguin and panda meeting interesting new animals and learning their colors.

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