A classic of urban lifestyle, or how to diversify gray everyday life with a daring safari?

Every summer season, fashion dictates new current trends — acid tops and oversized cycling shorts for bold fashionistas, asymmetric slits on dresses and bags to attract attention, leather minis, wide trousers, shapeless hoodies and many other current trends. What about the timeless classic?

Denim jacket — has not lost its leading position in fashion trends for many decades. One of the most versatile pieces of denim, it is in the wardrobe of both men and women. A denim jacket does not belong to a particular gender, status, taste preference, or geographic location.

It is hard to even imagine a thing more, in a global sense, ultra-functional. A denim jacket does not oblige you to a certain style, does not dictate dress code conditions and does not limit you to a color scheme. Jeans liberates — it’s about expressing yourself, demonstrating your individuality and fashionable independence. Jeans is about being a unit, not part of the fashion community.

Therefore, I want to draw your attention to the following model, which meets not only the classic idea of ​​​​a denim jacket, but also the latest recommendations from the pop industry, so it will appeal to both casual lovers and fashion hunters.

The tailored denim jacket is broken up with an animal print gradient and street grunge cuts, distinctive cufflinks, and front pockets reminiscent of classic back pockets to add a personal touch to your look.

A leopard print denim jacket will easily fit into a capsule wardrobe — you don’t have to look for a special occasion to show off in it, as a denim jacket will be an appropriate solution for any occasion.

Draw attention with ORELY!

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