5 ways to stretch your shoes


Often, after acquiring a pair of shoes you like, you have to admit with horror that the new thing is very tight. Before you put your shoes on the shelf with sadness in your eyes or start torturing your feet, we recommend that you try stretching them.

1 way. wool sock

The softest way is the usual wearing in of unsuitable shoes to the toe using a hair dryer.

To stretch leather shoes, put tight shoes on a terry or woolen sock and dry those places that are tight with a hairdryer for 15 minutes.

2 way. Alcohol

If the usual stretching did not work, you can slightly speed up the procedure with an alcohol solution. To prepare it, mix medical alcohol and plain water in a 1: 1 ratio. Wipe the inner surface with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol and put the shoes back on the foot with a sock.

Break in your shoes for half an hour until the shoes are dry.

Important! Suede shoes cannot be treated with alcohol, they will immediately lose their presentation and become unusable.

3 way. Chemical method

There is a special shoe stretcher. This is usually a foaming spray or foam that needs to be sprayed from the inside in the required place. The desired distance is from 10 to 15 cm, problem areas and the area around are processed directly. After the composition is completely absorbed, the shoes must be put on and wait a couple of hours. The procedure can be repeated if necessary.

4 way. Freeze

Another option for stretching new shoes is to freeze them. We need plastic bags. We pour water into them exactly as much as it will fit into the sock. Be sure to check bags for holes before filling them with water.

We send shoes with water to the freezer for about eight hours. The water will turn into ice and expand, pushing against the walls of your shoes. After 8 hours, the product must be removed and left to defrost. Lacquer leather cannot be frozen.

This method is especially good if the shoes are tight in the toes. Also, it does not require your direct participation in the stretching of the material and does not spoil the appearance of the shoe, suede lends itself most well to such processing.

5 way. Special stretching tools

If none of the methods helped you or you do not want to waste your time on them, then you can use the professional shoe stretching service. Moreover, if we are talking about boots, the bootleg and the rise are stretched on a special machine.

The shoes are stretched along the width and length of the foot with a special stretcher block. To do this, we place the block in the shoe that needs to be stretched, turn the wheel to stretch along the length, and the lever to stretch it in width until it stops. We leave in a similar position a certain time to obtain the desired result.

Whatever way you choose to stretch the shoes, do all the necessary manipulations carefully so as not to ruin the shoes.

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