Why do we need fragrances for the home and how to choose them?


If we cannot control the smells in the street or in the office, then the houses must become the master of aromas. With their help, we create a special atmosphere, harmony between the character and design of our interior. But how to choose a fragrance for your home? If everything is clear with ordinary perfume: they came to the store, put it on a blotter, listened. If you like, tested on the wrist. But the home fragrance cannot be applied to the skin, and in the bottle it sounds too bright, because there is a concentrated liquid inside. In addition, it is not clear how it will be combined with the smells in the apartment. We share a reminder on choosing a fragrance for the home.

  • Ask yourself the question — which group of notes do you like best? Aquatic, spicy, confectionery? When you set a vector, it will be easier to choose a flavor, and the nose will not have time to get tired of testing.
  • Trust your first feeling. You come to the store, listen to the fragrance and understand that you only want it and no other. The novel The Count of Monte Cristo perfectly describes this feeling: “Did this or that fragrance do something for me? No. He’s just nice. I have nothing more to say if asked.»
  • Relive the scents of the past. The smells that give us pleasure are associated with strong positive emotions from childhood or a recent vivid impression. The fragrance, like a photograph that suddenly caught my eye, returns to a state experienced many years ago. Try to remember what smell you associate with the feeling of absolute peace and happiness. Perhaps the best winter was at my grandmother’s dacha, where the aromas of freshly baked bread and spicy citrus soared. The Library of Aromas brand is known for a wide collection of diffusers and sprays for the home with such emotional aromas. Smells from childhood «Cherry Lollipop» and «Bubblegum» will bring back touching memories and give a sense of security.
  • Choose a special scent for the bedroom. There may be a single smell throughout the house, but a different one for the bedroom. The Fragrance Library has relaxing notes of Mint Cloud and Lilac. For other occasions — hot «Maldives» or spicy «Mulled Wine». It all depends on your plans.
  • Coniferous and citrus aromas that stimulate the brain — «Tangerine peel» and «Spruce twig» — ask for coniferous and citrus aromas in the working area of ​​​​the apartment. And for the kitchen, it is better to choose «edible» notes — «Focaccia with rosemary», «Lemon meringue». It is better to decorate the living room with neutral notes — “Purity” and “Powder” will do.
  • A way for the lazy and cunning. If you have a favorite perfume from the Fragrance Library, it makes things easier. Many perfumes are duplicated in the form of diffusers and sprays. Imagine that you have applied a perfume similar to your home fragrance to your neck. For example, «Grass». At a business meeting, a date, anywhere outside the home, you will feel calmer and more confident.

Choose the formats that are convenient for you:

  • Diffuser 125 ml — enough for a long time.
  • Diffuser 50 ml — so that the aroma does not have time to get bored.
  • Room spray — to instantly refresh the fragrance or apply to bed linen and curtains.

Creating a relaxing and healthy atmosphere is also taking care of yourself.


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