Which yogurt to choose for the first feeding of a child: store-bought or homemade with dry sourdough?


When you have a baby, the question of nutrition is always in the first place.

What kind of sour milk should I start giving my child?

From what age?

In what quantity?

What are the benefits of homemade dairy products?

What is the quality of store-bought yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese?

Every mother, especially the first-born, has a million questions in her head!


1. Yogurt is a source of protein that is easily absorbed by the body. We can talk endlessly about the benefits of protein for our body, especially for a child’s body.

Protein is the main building material for the cells and tissues of the body: muscles, organs, enzymes and many others. Proteins also help the baby digest food, strengthen the immune system and protect against infections, with the participation of proteins, the water balance in the body is regulated. The main purpose of proteins in nutrition is to provide the body with the necessary amount of amino acids.

Insufficient protein intake with food can lead to a slowdown in growth processes and an increase in body weight, a decrease in immunity, impaired neuropsychic development, hematopoiesis and other disorders.

For young children, not only the amount of protein in the diet is important, but also its quality. It is determined by the composition of the amino acids that the protein contains.

2. Homemade sourdough yogurt is also known for its probiotic content.

Probiotics are live bacterial cultures, the so-called «good bacteria». They improve the intestinal microflora, which, in turn, affects the immune system and overall well-being. Yogurt contains an abundance of probiotics, which is one of the main reasons why yogurt is so popular with children and adults. In addition to probiotics, yogurt contains many vitamins and minerals: these are potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, vitamin B5 and B12.

3. A high content of beneficial bacteria and probiotics, maintain a healthy microflora of the child and restore it if the child had to take antibiotics.

4. The child’s immunity directly depends on nutrition and intestinal microflora. If the child is often sick, then it is worth adjusting the baby’s diet.

5. Allergy is a very common disease in our time. According to statistics, every 5th person suffers from its presence. Very often, unfortunately, allergies begin to manifest themselves from infancy.

Bad ecology, irrational and poor-quality nutrition, stress, uncontrolled use of antibiotics and various dietary supplements, a sedentary lifestyle — all this increases the risk of developing allergens in the human body. Even during pregnancy and long before it, you need to think about nutrition and take care of your health and about the health of future generations.

The balance of the intestinal microflora is the first thing to think about when allergic reactions occur.

It is very important to include healthy fermented milk products in the diet (provided that an allergy to cow’s milk protein has not been confirmed). Yoghurt on sourdough is the restoration and maintenance of healthy intestinal microflora and its enrichment with beneficial bacteria. It is necessary from early childhood to include high-quality fermented milk products in the diet of the whole family. ⠀


1. Children who are on artificial feeding are recommended from 6 months;

2. For babies, breastfeeding from 8-9 months. And always remember that you need to start with a very small amount, watching the reaction. And before starting, we recommend that you always consult your pediatrician.

Up to a year — up to 100 ml can be given per day.

From 1-3 years old — can be increased to 200 ml.⠀


Absolutely all specialists in baby food: pediatricians, allergists, gastroenterologists recommend natural yogurt without sugar, without harmful additives, dyes and preservatives. Of course, it is better to ferment yourself with milk and sourdough. You will definitely be sure of the quality, conditions and terms of storage.

But if you, nevertheless, choose store-bought yogurt for your child, be sure to pay attention to the composition, shelf life, and always taste it yourself.

Don’t fall for advertising gimmicks and gimmicks.

Listen to the experts and analyze for yourself what you feed your precious children.⠀

But what is the use of yoghurt fermented on Yolactis sourdough? , preservatives and sugar-free «live» yogurt enriched with beneficial bacteria;

Yogurt fermented on sourdough turns out to be very tender and not sour, which is why small children love it so much;

You can easily diversify the taste of yogurt by adding different berries, jams, fruits;

You yourself choose milk and its fat content, thereby satisfying the child’s need to either eat it with a spoon or drink it;

You can make up to 3 liters of yogurt from one sachet of sourdough starter.

I think it’s not hard to calculate the economics of making yogurt at home;

You know exactly the shelf life of yogurt, and your child will never eat an expired product. Yogurt made with sourdough Yogurt kids is a necessary product for your child.

We also have other starter cultures: Classic, immunitet, fitness and detox, they are allowed for use by children from 1 year old.


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