The main attribute of any kitchen is a well-sharpened knife. And since it is impossible to cook food without this item, you need to take care of its safety.

Proper storage, careful care, timely washing of the product will turn cooking into a real pleasure.

It seems to be very simple. Knife washed and wiped dry. But the question arises: where to store it correctly? So that it does not get covered with rust, served for a long time and was inaccessible to children. Lots of storage options. Consider the most popular.

In kitchen cabinet drawers or cupboards, knives are prone to corrosion and dull quickly. During cooking, it takes time to get them. Therefore, other options have to be considered.

Stands for knives. It is very comfortable. It is always at hand, creates a decorative element in the kitchen and saves the working surface of the countertop. In addition, proper blade storage has a positive effect on the sharp edge of the knife. And the blade doesn’t need to be sharpened any longer.

Stands are wooden, plastic, universal, magnetic, filled inside and hollow.

A universal stand is a wooden, metal, plastic or ceramic container. Filler is placed inside. It is made from polypropylene or graphite-rubber fibers.

Polypropylene fibers fit snugly together, securely fix the knife due to the lack of slots and are suitable for storing blades of any size. The hygienic properties of polypropylene prevent the development of bacteria. An example is Universal Knife Stand HATAMOTO PWBS-15D-BLK.

The filler is easy to remove. It is washed by hand or in the dishwasher. It is allowed to store metal and ceramic knives at the same time. The blades do not touch each other during storage. In such stands you can store scissors, forks and other kitchen utensils.

At the bottom of the case there is a hole for draining water. This ensures hygiene and a long service life of the product.

Graphite-rubber filler is made of sticks fastened at the base. The cutting edge of the knife remains intact. Rubber is more durable than polypropylene. However, the fixation of the material is weaker.

Hollow knife holder such as Universal Knife Stand HATAMOTO PWBS-15D-SLV additionally has a hole for scissors. Instead of a filler, it has plastic slots. The blades do not touch, the quality of sharpening is maintained for a long time. At the bottom are holes for draining water. The stainless steel body is corrosion resistant, durable and strong.

Classic wooden stand will perfectly fit into the kitchen of any interior. You can store a limited number of knives in it. But the most necessary running blades will always be in close proximity. Pay attention to the following models Magnetic Knife Stand (FS-83), Magnetic Knife Stand FS-77, Magnetic Knife Stand (FS-84). Products are made of high-strength natural beech, hygienic, covered with polymer on top. The coating reliably protects the blade. Products are ecological, functional and hygienic.

In addition to stands, manufacturers offer magnetic knife holders. What is a magnetic holder? This is a horizontal bar with two magnetic stripes. The holder is usually placed on a vertical plane. Wall panel, kitchen furniture are great for this. These knife holders are usually made of wood. For example, Magnetic knife holder, walnut (MDGO), Magnetic knife holder, walnut with two stripes of ash (MDGY), Magnetic knife holder, wenge (MDGV). There are also options in stainless steel, plastic and railing.

Advantages of magnetic holders:

— hygiene. Moisture does not accumulate on the knives, bacteria do not form and multiply. However, keep in mind that the kitchen is usually humid air. Therefore, knives should be wiped dry before storage.

— saving space. For a small kitchen space, this is a huge plus. Knives are always at hand. They do not need to be looked for when opening the cabinet and drawer of the kitchen table. In this case, the working surface is free.

— isolation of knives. Each blade is isolated and does not come into contact with other products. As a result, the edge of the knife requires less sharpening.

— ease of care and practicality. Magnetic holders are wiped with a damp cloth or detergent. They are easy to attach to the wall.

— safety for children. The holder may be in inaccessible proximity to the child. At the same time, it holds objects of any weight and size.
— environmental friendliness. Wooden holders fit harmoniously, look stylish. They can be matched to the tone of kitchen furniture.

Choose the appropriate option. Tojiro products will help you with this.

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