The bedroom is a place where each of us can relax after a hard day, and it is also a place where we meet a new day, which is why it is so important to equip and choose the design of this room.

We offer to consider environmentally friendly wallpaper for the bedroom, because in this room we spend quite a lot of time and not only during sleep.

Non-woven wallpaper — the most environmentally friendly option, combined with latex printing, meets the highest requirements. Wallpaper consists of paper and non-woven fibers reinforcing them.

Non-woven wallpaper has an antistatic coating, dust practically does not accumulate on them, which is a real find for allergy sufferers.

After gluing, these wallpapers pass air well, due to which moisture does not accumulate under them and fungus does not form.

Recently, it has become popular to decorate the walls in the bedroom, focusing on the headboard with photo wallpapers.

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