What tights are best for your child?

This question is asked by many mothers when a huge selection of children’s tights appears in front of them. How to choose the best from all this variety:

— so as not to roll;

— durability;

— «sit on the figure»,

and not stretched and hung down;

— it was comfortable for the child in them, they did not press or squeeze;

— so that the legs do not sweat, but breathe.

Many look at the composition of tights. And rightly so, because a lot depends on the material from which tights are made. This is breathability (so that the legs do not sweat), strength and elasticity. Everyone knows about cotton, what kind of material and its properties.

But relatively recently, a new material has appeared — MODAL. Few people know about it as a material and its properties, but in vain! Indeed, even the modal manufacturing technology itself suggests that this material is more environmentally friendly (does not contain harmful impurities), stronger than viscose, lightweight, breathable, does not shrink, does not irritate sensitive skin, dense material (due to this, tights will last longer ) In general, what I want to say things made of modal has many positive qualities. The only, perhaps, minus is gentle washing, i.e. either «manual» or «machine», at a temperature of 30-40 degrees C. But this can not even be called a minus, because. and for tights from other materials, the care is the same.

Therefore, advice, it is better to choose tights for children, so that the composition includes such material as modal. These tights will meet all of the above listed requirements

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