Kitchen knives are the whole world. A significant role in choosing a knife is played by its purpose: for different purposes — different knives. For example, not always what will be ideal for a chef in a restaurant kitchen will be just as indispensable in a home kitchen.

Each knife has its own specific task that it performs. Unfortunately, many come from the principle «one knife for everything», but this is an erroneous statement. The blade plays the most significant role, and the service life of the product, the quality of cutting and ease of use will depend on which blade we cut this or that product.

So what is the optimal number of knives in the kitchen? Let’s figure it out. First of all, we, of course, need a bread knife, because bread is the head of everything! The knife has a strong blade of uniform width, and it is very different in shape from all its «brothers». Also, we definitely need a knife for small vegetables. It is small and has a pointed tip. You can’t do without a knife for large vegetables, it looks like its younger brother, but has a more elongated shape. A utility knife also deserves a place in your kitchen, as a backup if everyone else is already at work or in the dishwasher. A utility knife can also cut vegetables, chop greens. And, of course, a chef’s knife! It is the widest of all, as it is responsible for cutting meat or fish.

In addition In addition to all this, it will be convenient to have a vegetable peeler on hand. It helps to facilitate manual labor and reduce the time of cleaning vegetables and fruits.

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