I have always loved dressing up my children. The main requests are convenience, comfort for the child and quality and price for me.

And it took so much time to assemble this puzzle that a decision was made — I am creating my own brand of children’s clothing! The decision was made, it began to act, and today I can not only dress my children in comfortable and high-quality clothes, but also help many mothers in solving this problem.

The main clothing parameters that I adhered to when creating the DALEMI brand:

1. Comfortable

If a child is beautifully dressed, but he is not comfortable in an outfit — he is squeezing somewhere, rubbing something, he will feel awkward, embarrassment will appear, he will be capricious. Comfortable clothes, on the contrary, give the child additional peace of mind and self-confidence.

2. Concise

The abundance of decor and accessories rather complicates the care of clothes than adds beauty to the product. Dressing up a girl in lace and shouting “don’t sit on the steps — you’ll get dirty” is, of course, not an option. Clothing should be easy and well washed and retain its appearance and shape during wear.

3. Individual

Clothing should be individually selected and like the child himself. And here the main thing for parents is to control so that brightness does not turn into clumsiness, and following fashion into blind imitation.

4. Combined

When buying different wardrobe items, you need to think about how they will be combined with each other. This is the advantage of being attached to a brand: choosing things from one collection, you are guaranteed to get clothes that are perfectly combined with each other.

5. Universal

Even at the holiday, the child wants to behave in the usual way — run, jump, play with friends, and you should not limit children in this. Smart clothes can and should be comfortable and practical.

When creating the DALEMI brand, all these parameters are 100% relevant — now you don’t have to rack your brains where to get comfortable, beautiful and affordable clothes for your wallet.

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