What fabric to choose a T-shirt? We analyze the composition and density

100% cotton, cotton with the addition of synthetics, viscose, bamboo — from which only fabrics beloved by the whole world and such irreplaceable T-shirts are sewn.

Each of us, at least once in our lives, faced disappointment when, after a couple of washes, a T-shirt looked like it could only be worn in the country.

How to choose a thing that is suitable for quality, comfort and safety? Let’s find out below.

There are 2 main factors that you should pay attention to when choosing an item in an online store when you do not have the opportunity to touch the product live.

1. Fabric composition.

Products made of 100% cotton and bamboo are as natural as possible, pleasant to the body, they are not hot. Ideal for children and as home wear. Among the shortcomings — they wrinkle easily, they can lose their shape after several washes, the side seams can skew.

Viscose is an artificial fiber obtained by processing natural cellulose. Such is the mix of artificial and natural. Viscose T-shirts are pleasant to the body, but they keep their shape much worse than cotton ones, because the viscose fibers themselves are heavier.

Cotton with the addition of 5-8% synthetic fibers is a fabric that combines the naturalness and safety of cotton and excellent wear resistance. Such a T-shirt retains its shape after countless washes, practically does not wrinkle, is easy to iron and does not stretch.

2. Fabric density.

T-shirts are sewn from fabrics with a density of 140 to 230 g/sq. m. This figure shows how many grams of fabric in one square meter. The larger the number, the denser the fabric to the touch.

T-shirt made of fabric with a density of 140-180 g / sq. m. very «light», it is not hot in summer. Of the minuses — it is crumpled and very translucent, you can’t wear lace underwear under it.

The optimal density for a T-shirt is 190-210 gsm. m. — and not hot, and does not shine through, can be worn with or without any underwear.

If you want a T-shirt that lasts, fits well and looks neat all day long, choose a fabric with a low content of synthetic fibers and a weight of at least 190gsm. m.

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