The baby is growing, and the world around him is changing. Yesterday it was cold outside and it was snowing, but today the birds are chirping merrily, everything is so green and smells delicious!

When the baby is 2 years old, you can begin to acquaint him with the seasons, because he has already lived them all. For adults, it seems that knowing the seasons is simple, natural and obvious. But for a child, such a concept as the seasons does not seem simple and clear. A small child does not clearly imagine what winter, spring, summer and autumn are, since they cannot be touched or felt. At this age, introduce the child to the outside world, introduce such concepts as cold-warm, rainy-sunny, the leaves were green — they turned yellow.

And as it turns out in practice, it is not always possible to explain such a phenomenon as the seasons the first time. Young children are best at absorbing visual information. Therefore, before you start learning, take care of didactic materials. Our educational poster will help you with this: «I know the months and seasons.»

By hanging a poster in a children’s room in a prominent place, you can be sure that your fidget will remember the necessary information very soon.

By the age of three, it is already possible for a child to explain the difference in seasons. At this age, the child already understands exactly what rain, snow is, when it is cold outside, when it is warm. If at the age of 3-4 years you have not yet begun to get acquainted with seasonal changes and seasons, then it is at the time when this needs to be done.

By the age of 4, 5 — 5, it is already possible to explain what months are, learn their names and the number of days in months. Tell which months belong to which time of the year.

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