Oversize hoodies and sweatshirts as a multifunctional and stylish part of the wardrobe.


Oversize hoodies and sweatshirts are present in every collection of leading brands around the world.

On the pages of Wildberries, hoodies and sweatshirts occupy an important place among lovers of high-quality and multifunctional clothing.
The LEMEXX brand team creates a pleasant «mix» of the original comfortable cut, color, high-quality accessories and materials, unusual details and playful mood, which makes your look as modern, stylish, comfortable and sexy as possible.

There are five top positions in the Wildberries store.

Hoodie MANHATTAN in the total oversize size, which has a voluminous hood, with neatly processed seams, freely falling over the shoulders, and with which you can flirtatiously bare the shoulder or comfortably tighten it at the collar with a cord. Ideal for girls with a height of 170-174 cm, suitable for girls with clothing sizes 44 — 52 and for pregnant girls, you just need to consider that the hoodie will not look so free on girls of 50-52 sizes. Hoodie MANHATTAN goes well with leggings, leggings, cycling shorts, joggers from our collection, or as an independent product, but in the form of an elongated hoodie (for girls under 168 cm tall.)

For lovers of a more “classic” hoodie fit, the LEMEXX team has created a model MANHATTAN MINI, it is shorter and more moderate in volume. The model is ideal for girls with a height of 160 -168 cm, the hoodie is suitable for girls with clothing sizes 42 — 48 and for pregnant girls, it is only necessary to take into account that the hoodie will not look so free on girls of size 48. The drop-down hood flirtatiously exposing the shoulder, semi-adjacent cuffs, metal fittings make the hoodie not just a basic item in the wardrobe, but a favorite item that will be appropriate not only for walks.

Hoodie LA — a model unlike any other presented by other manufacturers thanks to the rethinking of the classic elements of this type of clothing. The unique cut of the sleeve allows you to wear the hoodie under any outerwear without restricting your movements. A double hood with a wraparound collar keeps the wind out and keeps you warm. The pockets are hidden in the side seam and do not create a kangaroo effect, thereby making the look more feminine. We recommend combining hoodie LA with jeans, leather trousers or joggers from our collection, creating sets.

Sweatshirt VICKY with a zipper — the legendary model of our brand. Combines all modern trends: multifunctionality, comfort, sexuality and durability. The material has an original looped structure, the Italian zipper does not darken or rust over time, everything retains its original appearance for many years. The sweatshirt is unique in that it can be worn on its own or paired with tops or shirts. You can easily add flirtatiousness by baring one or even both shoulders thanks to the zipper and elasticated neckline. This model allows you to create many practical fashionable looks for various occasions, suitable for girls from 44 to 50 sizes, and in some cases up to 52 sizes.

Sweatshirt UNIQUE — a stylish novelty of the LEMEXX brand, ideal for everyday wardrobe and fans of a relaxed style of clothing. The cut of the product is loose, the sleeves are slightly elongated, freely falling to the middle of the thumb. The asymmetrical location of the pocket, the cutout on the sleeve, which sexually exposes part of the arm, make the sweatshirt a unique and even avant-garde piece of your wardrobe. And as we know, the avant-garde in small proportions is able to turn the most boring basic wardrobe into an interesting, memorable and correctly demonstrated character of the owner of this product.

The collection of hoodies and sweatshirts of the LEMEXX brand presents the top colors of the current and future seasons: rich black; powdery color loved by everyone for a long time; base light beige, similar to soft creamy caramel; milky — ecru color, cozy and incredibly harmonious; flawless gray, which corresponds to the trend PANTONE 17-5104; an incredible shade of milky mint (milky mint with a gray undertone) — the color of lightness, freshness, travel and sunny mood; classic red; green olive or it is also called khaki — looks great on girls with the «autumn» type; and a new color of joy — radiant yellow (PANTONE 13-0647).

LEMEXX hoodies and sweatshirts are a story about stylish practicality!

For Wildberries, we have created models that our customers love. By purchasing our products, you will feel unique and inimitable, while maintaining the comfort you are accustomed to. We have selected an excellent material for hoodies and sweatshirts — a 3-thread footer of singing quality, the reverse side is a loop, which allows you to wear the product all season. Due to the high content of cotton, more than 80% — products breathe well, while retaining heat in winter due to the desired density and interspersed with synthetic threads. All of our collections are compatible as we draw on past experience and feedback to create new designs, while keeping in mind the trends of the coming seasons and innovations in the field of clothing construction. We will be glad to see you as the owners of hoodies and sweatshirts from the LEMEXX brand.
And if you are already happy owners of our products, we recommend that you consider knitwear for the office and work, we have a great selection of longsleeves and turtlenecks, shirts for everyday working days with a twist in our style! See you at Wildberries!


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