There is an opinion that indoor slippers are a boring and uninteresting accessory that should not be paid attention to. However, it is not. Fashionable and cozy slippers can set the mood for the whole day.

Slippers for the home can be very diverse. Someone prefers to do without slippers at all, and walk barefoot. For those who cannot do without home shoes, we offer some simple tips on how to get beautiful and comfortable slippers. Using these tips, you can choose not dull felt flip flops, but fashionable beautiful slippers that create a mood.

How to choose slippers for the house?

Different seasons, different shoes. For the cold season, slippers with a thick sole or insulated with felt are ideal. The best choice is closed slippers with a heel or home shoes that resemble a felt boot or a sock.

For the summer, such shoes are not suitable. In the warm season, you should pay attention to slippers without a heel, with an open toe and without insulation.

Regardless of the time of year, it is important to remember that slippers must be sized. The sole should be dense, but at the same time flexible. The hard sole knocks when walking, which can irritate households and neighbors.

Do I need to try on slippers when buying?

Trying on slippers upon purchase is desirable. Only during the fitting, you can understand whether the slippers fit in size, whether this shoe model is comfortable. It is important to choose shoes according to the instep of the foot. Narrow slippers will fly off when walking, and too wide slippers will rub the foot.

Slippers or socks?

Recently, knitted slippers have become popular, which need to be worn on the foot like Czechs. They make such slippers from knitwear, often decorating them with bright patterns. Such soft slippers inside may contain not a simple cotton lining, but also additional insulation. Most often it is fleece or faux fur. Silicone drops are usually glued to their soles to keep these slippers from slipping.

An analogue of such shoes is slippers of a traditional form. But here, too, diversity is possible. The top can be made of leather, felt, cotton, faux fur.

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