Ideal SPA at home: how massage candles are used.


Ideal SPA at home: how massage candles are used.


Visually, massage candles are similar to ordinary ones, but the composition and method of using the product is completely different.
A massage candle is a cosmetic product, a massage oil in solid form, which can be heated and melted if such a candle is lit.

Often massage candles are used for romantic evenings and dates — first the candle burns and creates a special atmosphere, and then serves as oil for massage.

Also, cosmetic massage candles are great for home spa treatments and enjoying alone.

It is especially pleasant to use massage candles in the cold season — after a shower or bath, you can apply warm massage oil to the body instead of a cream, leaving the skin silky and exquisitely scented.

A high-quality massage candle contains soy wax and a blend of natural oils, so when melted, the contents of the candle become warm, do not burn the skin, but soften and nourish it.


1. First of all, pay attention to the composition: it should be as clear as possible, do not contain dyes and be enriched with useful natural ingredients.

For example, AFTERTASTE massage candles contain only natural oils (shea butter, almond, grape seed, sesame), vitamin E, natural soy wax and a French perfume composition.

2. The packaging is also important — thick-walled glass does not overheat, allowing you to comfortably carry the candle during the burning process and hold it in your hands, and the stylish design makes the massage candle a great addition to the interior, and decoration of your cosmetic table … besides, on it just nice to look at!

AFTERTASTE massage candles are presented in elegant amber glass jars with lids. After use, the cosmetic candle can be closed and you don’t have to worry that dust will get inside and the candle will get dirty.
In addition, each candle is packaged in a stylish, laser-engraved wooden gift box, making it the perfect gift for a colleague, friend, or loved one.

3. In addition to the composition and packaging of the massage candle, its aroma is also important, because it is he who will surround you during use and then remain on your skin.

The perfume compositions of AFTERTASTE massage candles are created in Grasse by the oldest French perfume house and magically reveal themselves on both women’s and men’s skin.
Mysterious «Dark rose & Oud» — a popular combination of burgundy rose and oud wood with hints of thick melted caramel, which creates a romantic atmosphere, while the delicate and at the same time spicy aroma «Vanilla wood & Peach» leaves a soft scent of woody vanilla and tart sweetness on your skin peach liqueur.


Light a massage candle and a light aroma will fill the room, creating a sensual atmosphere. The melted candle will turn into a gentle massage oil. Warm oil should be applied to your body or the body of a partner and then spread with light massaging movements until completely absorbed.

AFTERTASTE massage candles are ideal for:

1. Intimate moments: enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a burning candle and fragrant oil alone or with your loved ones. Treat yourself to sweet moments!

2. Professional massage: the oil is easily and quickly distributed over the skin and is perfectly absorbed, making the massage even more enjoyable.

3. Personal care: natural oils tone the skin, saturate it with vitamins and make it silky, and a noble perfume composition gives the body a delicate aroma. It is ideal to apply massage oil after a shower or bath on moisturized skin — the oil locks moisture in the skin, keeping it for a long time. The melted oils warm the body, open the pores and deliver nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin.

4. Cosmetic procedures: in addition to massage, the candle is ideal for regenerating the skin of the lips, softening the cuticle and nourishing the nail plates (during and after manicure), as well as moisturizing the hands and feet.

5. Relaxation and anti-stress therapy. Aromatic massage candle combines two pleasures in one: aromatherapy and tactile pleasure. The soft aroma relieves the feeling of fatigue, brings pleasure and tranquility. The silky texture of the oil interacts pleasantly with the skin, and the touch of warm wax, which turns into a gentle massage oil, relaxes the body.

6. As a universal gift: a massage candle is perfect both for a gift to loved ones and as a surprise for those who are difficult to surprise with something.

Aromatic massage candle AFTERTASTE is enough for 7+ treatments (massage sessions or body moisturizing).

AFTERTASTE (eng. «aftertaste») is a brand of interior perfumery and cosmetics, the author’s project of the Fessalonika perfumery studio, in which, when developing products, special attention is paid to the selection of aromas that leave an unforgettable aftertaste.

«Everything is decided by the aftertaste. In everything. It all depends on what you feel after. After communication, after a kiss, after coffee, after a look. This» after «is largely decisive» (c)


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