Every doctor will tell you that keeping your feet warm is essential to staying healthy and preventing colds. And what can warm you better than natural fur? It is very important to choose the right indoor shoes so that the legs are comfortable and at the same time they do not sweat. A fur series of shoes from Smart Textile, it is ideal for the cold season, this is especially true for residents of private houses living on the first floors and cottages.

1. Sheepskin grannies are cropped lambskin boots with non-slip ethylene vinyl acetate soles. They are stitched and durable. You can wear them with socks or on bare feet. The material is very gentle, pleasant, and also has a soft massage effect, improving blood circulation and skin condition. Sheep wool is rich in lanolin, a substance unique in its beneficial properties. This natural antiseptic will protect the feet from such unpleasant phenomena as fungus, in addition, it promotes wound healing, has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves pain and irritation of the epidermis.

2. Dolly sheepskin slippers. After physical activity or a long walk, the muscles of the legs need to be relieved — fur closed slippers will provide relaxation of the muscles in the legs and a delicate massage effect on the surface of the skin of the feet. The rounded villi of natural sheep fur, in contact with the skin, are able to improve internal blood circulation, relieve swelling of the feet, and reduce pain in the legs.

3. Boots «Sheep». Elegant, stylish, very light sheepskin boots are a great alternative to house slippers in the cold season. They will reliably protect your legs from hypothermia, give you a good rest and bring maximum pleasure. Products are not only aesthetically attractive, but also made from environmentally friendly materials with a lot of positive characteristics.

4. Slippers made of natural sheep fur «Home warmth». Warm and soft slippers are a symbol of home coziness and comfort. Sheep fur used in the production of «Home warmth» slippers is a natural material, hypoallergenic, breathable, perfectly warming.

The fur series of shoes from Smart Textile has a very wide range of sizes from 35 to 45 and children’s options from 24 to 31. Do not deny yourself the pleasure, because even folk wisdom advises to always keep your feet warm!

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