How to make the perfect Turkish coffee at home


To make Turkish coffee, we need:

— ground coffee (Coffee for Turks needs ultra-fine grinding. This is necessary for the fastest precipitation of coffee grounds and will allow you to drink a cleaner drink);



— bottled or filtered water;

-ceramic cezve Maole.

The best Turk for coffee is considered to be ceramic. It is an ideal heat accumulator and evenly distributes it. Only in this way is it possible to properly form a coffee cork and seal the correct and rich taste of coffee in a drink!

Cooking process:
— put the Turk on the scales and pour 2/3 of the water and remember the value of the weight of the water
— put the Turk on the fire and heat the water to 50 degrees
— add coffee to the heated water based on the ratio of 10 to 1 (for example, 15 g of ground coffee is required for 150 g of water)
-after about 5 minutes, the water should reach a temperature of 95 degrees, and the coffee cork will finish forming in the narrow part of the neck of the cezve, sealing the indescribable aroma and taste of coffee in your drink. The ideal formation of a coffee cork looks like a wrapping flow of coffee foam from the walls to the center inside the cezve. Coffee is ready when a small circle of dark foam remains in the center.
Your Turkish coffee is ready, enjoy your coffee!


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