How to keep your teeth healthy?


We are the Prelesta brand. Our principle is high-quality and safe health and beauty products for your comfort.

Dental health is essential for everyone. The Prelesta portable irrigator will become your assistant in oral hygiene. The principle of operation is simple: a jet of liquid under pressure washes away food debris, bacteria and plaque. Hard-to-reach places and parts of braces — everything that a toothbrush cannot reach is perfectly washed by the irrigator. Those people who have implants and a bracket system received recommendations from their doctor about an irrigator.

But in fact, the irrigator is useful to every person. Various scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of irrigators in the fight against plaque. Also, it will be useful for people with gum problems. Bleeding and sensitivity, and even more diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis, require careful oral hygiene.

It is good if the irrigator has a wide power range, as gradually increasing the power, it is easier to get used to the device. You will immediately feel the difference!

Over time, after regular use, you will be able to forget about the discomfort in your mouth, and there will also be no need for frequent visits to the dentist, which significantly saves the budget.


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