During pregnancy, a woman glows from the inside, radiates happiness and beauty. Our bodies and lifestyles change during and after pregnancy and require changes in our wardrobe.

How to create a wardrobe that will last during and after pregnancy?

The first rule is to use basic, calm, pastel colors.

The second rule is the selection of items of clothing that will work every day. These are comfortable and easy to care for.

The third rule is compatibility. Things should be easy to complete with each other.

The basis of the wardrobe of the expectant mother:

1. Knitted trousers are a must-have for any mom and any modern wardrobe. Wear straight or joggers with a sweatshirt, shirt, jacket.
Mamasitta brand trousers during pregnancy will gently support and not squeeze the tummy. After childbirth, adjust the belt with an elastic band.

2. Sweatshirt and sweatshirt. Wear with knitted trousers, or with a skirt, dress, jeans.

3. Jeans, chinos.

4. Shirt with a loose fit, made of thick cotton. Wear as a second layer with a t-shirt, top or as a separate top.

5. Loose midi length dress.

6. Oversized jacket.

7. A couple of T-shirts.

During pregnancy, you should give preference to things with a moderate over-size, you should not add extra volume to yourself. Sweatshirt with zippers (MS01/grey) can be worn as an over-size model, unzipped at the sides, or as a classic model.

But most importantly, you should be comfortable and comfortable, clothing should not be squeezing and restricting movement. It is worth choosing styles designed for the natural changes of your body.

Mamasitta brand clothes are created especially for expectant and present mothers. We have thought through every detail and use only high-quality and natural fabrics.

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