How to choose your breast pump from the KUNDER range?

Choose a pumping assistant and make no mistake!

A breast pump is an excellent device that makes life easier for every family with a newborn.

Does your mom need to go away often? Is the baby often fed by dad or grandma? Want to prolong breastfeeding while working or studying? A breast pump will be the perfect way out, especially if you have twins or triplets!

Regular use of a breast pump will prevent lactostasis, eliminate the occurrence of milk stagnation, and also speed up the pumping process, making it gentle and painless.

How to choose the best breast pump?

First you need to figure out what goal you are pursuing when buying a breast pump and what they are

Primary goal:

  • for regular use at home, the best choice would be an electronic breast pump with one or two containers

  • when used while traveling, it is ideal to buy an automatic breast pump with a built-in battery that can be charged from any USB port and allows you to express milk in any convenient place

  • with extremely rare use, the best choice would be a manual breast pump

Device types:

  • manual breast pump

  • household electric breast pump with one or two bottles

  • portable electric breast pump

Let’s take a look at the benefits of each type:

Manual breast pump:

  • Simple design

  • Easily replaceable parts

  • Cheap price

Electric household breast pumps:

  • They have several modes of operation: most often it is massage and pumping

  • Adjustment of intensity levels is carried out on each of the modes

  • The breastpump with two pumping containers saves mom’s precious time and also stimulates milk flow up to 18% with daily use.

  • The motor of the breast pump is almost silent and allows you to use it at any time of the day.

  • The presence of a light indicator on the body allows you to understand in what mode and with what intensity the breast pump works

  • Any USB port of a computer, power supply, etc. is suitable for powering an electric breast pump.

Portable electric breast pumps:

  • The built-in battery will allow you to use it in any place convenient for mom

  • Work without recharging up to 2-3 hours

  • The compact shape allows you to take it with you, almost without taking up space in your bag.

You can get acquainted in detail with each type of breast pumps of the KUNDER line on the company’s page by clicking on the link of the WB GURU portal:

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