How to choose the right bench for home


A banquette is a very useful and convenient thing, light home furniture for universal purposes. When the house needs to accommodate guests, the banquette receives the «grand prix» as the most useful seat. In the living room, sitting on an armchair, you can put a bench under your outstretched legs.

Narrow models made of moisture-resistant materials with one or two shoe shelves are suitable for a porch or hallway. Store brushes, shoe care products and other small items in models with a drawer.

Bench dimensions are the primary selection criterion, they must be compared with the intended placement and seating height. The width and depth of the product must ensure stability and at the same time compactness. Upholstery material is selected based on resistance to possible contamination and ease of cleaning. Benches often become a favorite place for pets, so you need to consider the wool factor when choosing the upholstery material.


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