How to choose the first jewelry for a little princess?


There is a baby in the house!

She brought so much trouble, sleepless nights and tenderness into your life! So I want to surround her with warmth, care and give the best and happiest childhood.

Very soon, the first dresses, the first bows, the first favorite toys will appear on the shelf. And so I want to dress up the princess now!

What should be the first jewelry? Eco-friendly, light and beautiful!

Especially for newborn babies, we, the parents of two children, have created weightless bandages:

— gentle rubber band akurano keeps even on the smallest head;

— small figures are tightly fixed so that not a single finger can tear them off;

— the size of the elastic is chosen so that the baby does not feel even the slightest discomfort;

— and yes: we also took care of older princesses — the bandage stretches easily, even a fashionista can put it on in kindergarten!


Bandages should not be worn under headgear and should not be exposed to water. Careful handling, the absence of temperature fluctuations and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will allow you to enjoy the decoration for many years!

The bandage should be stored on a wooden base (included).

The headband is packaged so that you can order it as a gift for your child or loved one.


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